How to pack for a move quickly?

Packing for a move is unlike any other pre-move task you will ever have the pleasure of bumping into because it doesn’t really feel like a job you can simply cross out as completed in your moving calendar. The process of packing is an entire process, which for the purpose of convenience, can be even viewed separately from the house relocation process itself.

Unfortunately, the major feature that sets apart the laborious project of boxing up your entire household from all other essential tasks lies in its trademark long duration. As a rule, packing usually starts soon after the house move is confirmed and often lasts until the morning of Moving day.

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that you will soon start asking yourself highly practical questions, such as the truly fundamental one – how to pack quickly and efficiently. And by keeping in mind that time is always a very precious commodity when moving house, it’s definitely a good idea to take a look at the following quick packing tips to make sure you are done with your preparation on time.

Begin packing without delay

How to pack fast for a move? The very first thing you are expected to do is to initiate the packing process as soon as you know for certain that you’re moving sometime in the upcoming weeks. Even if it turns out that you have ample time to get ready for the Big day, procrastination is not advisable for various reasons, including one of the more serious ones – the gradual build-up of the notorious relocation pressure.

In order to pack your house quickly,

  • go from room to room and decide what you’re taking with you and what you’re leaving behind. This initial sorting task will give you a decent idea about the packing challenge that lies ahead of you.
  • to be able to increase your packing speed the more you approach the finish line, initiate the process from the rooms you use less frequently, such as your storage areas and any spare rooms you have.
  • figure out how to pack safely your larger and heavier household items first before getting down to the smaller easier-to-pack stuff.

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Have a packing calendar nearby

There is little doubt that the most efficient way to pack quickly when moving house is to organize the entire time and energy consuming project with the help of a personalized packing calendar. In fact, the timeline you are recommended to create will keep your packing productivity relatively high from start to finish simply by preventing you from committing any of the most common packing mistakes.

Apart from eliminating the chances of packing errors, a packing calendar will also help you keep your focus and motivation throughout the preparation period. Each finished packing job will surely bring the unmistaken satisfaction that you’re on the right path and that things will be alright in the end of you house moving journey.

  • As implied above, leave the rooms that are easier to pack up for last, thus guaranteeing yourself that you will be able to finish the packing process even when your energy and motivation have reached their lowest points.
  • In addition to personalizing this calendar of yours, your quick packing checklist should also contain jobs that have been prioritized as well. Why? To give the boost of additional time you may come to need in the end.

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Get proper packing materials

To make the most out of these fast packing tips, you’re going to need a good deal of adequate and sufficient supplies to get the packing job done without having to interrupt it or worse – temporarily halt it.

If you’re moving house in a hurry, then you may be forced to purchase most or all the required packing materials due to desperate lack of time to spare. However, if time is not pressing you against the wall, then it’s in your best interest to find inexpensive or free moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, and other necessary supplies for a smooth packing experience.

  • Ask around your circle of good friends whether somebody who lives nearby can spare any packing supplies they no longer need. Your preferred social network can be pretty useful for reaching all of your pals at once.
  • If you can, visit a few local supermarkets and office supply stores and see if they have an excess of cardboard boxes you can have for free.
  • Look around your home for alternative packing materials you can definitely use for packing up quickly and saving a bunch of dollars at the same time.

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Pack quickly by having fewer items to box

A proven way to quickly pack a house is to box up a much smaller number of household items in the first place. And although this logical conclusion seems too obvious to miss out, you may not have thought about the actual usefulness of some of your possessions. Until now, that is.

Most moving experts are unanimous that if a particular item hasn’t served you at all in the last year or so, then the upcoming house move is the perfect excuse to make yourself a favor by getting rid of it once and for all.

  • Expect a significant packing speed boost by having fewer items to prepare, pack safely and place inside cardboard boxes.
  • As a second bonus to packing your house fast, having fewer belongings to box up and move to your new place will also mean having to pay considerably less money for their transportation. The reason for this, of course, is that the relocation price depends on the total weight of your shipment.
  • Speaking of bonuses, there’s another clear advantage of packing up and taking only the things you do want and need – the availability of more free and uncluttered space once you begin unpacking the piles of boxes in your new residence.

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Use the above quick packing tips and bonus tricks to speed up your packing marathon and buy yourself more priceless time to make sure you won’t get too far behind your personal moving and packing timeline.

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