How to pack clothes for moving?

You should know by now that packing up your house for a move is the task that will definitely take up the biggest chunk of your pre-move time. Even within the various packing projects that lie ahead of you, you will quickly learn that there’s a huge difference between packing your garage /with all its power tools, hand tools and all types of odds and ends stored there through the years/ and packing up your bedroom /where the items are usually well organized and the packing process goes pretty straightforward/.

When it comes to packing clothes to move, you probably feel somewhat like an expert. After all, you’ve packed clothes in hand bags, travel suitcases and storage boxes so many times that now you can do it with your eyes closed and your hands tied behind your back, right? Besides, clothes are neither fragile nor heavy, so there’s no any real danger of breaking them or worse – breaking your back while carrying them.

But still, packing clothes for a move is never that easy and straightforward as it seems at first glance, and you would be wise to follow our practical tips for packing clothes efficiently.

How to prepare clothes for packing

Even if time whispers in your ear to do it, you shouldn’t just take your clothes hastily out of your closets, wardrobes and drawers and stuff them quickly into random moving boxes. That’s just not the proper protocol of packing up your clothes and doing it will just cause more harm than any good.

Sort your clothes

While clothes are much lighter than say books, they are surely more voluminous and will fill up the space they are placed into too quickly. Practice has shown that it doesn’t make much relocation sense to move absolutely all your clothes with you to your new home as that decision can prove to be too costly in the end.

  • Money. Keep in mind that no one will reimburse you for the money you waste on moving clothes to your new home that you will never wear again /irrelevant, outdated, outgrown or too worn out pieces/.
  • Time. And what about all the time you will lose packing your clothes for moving and later unpacking them only to be left forgotten once again for years to come.
  • Space. The available room in your new house is not to be underestimated either. As mentioned earlier, clothes like to eat up large spaces for breakfast, so think about this pending issue before it’s too late.

So, be proactive and sort out your clothes before the actual move to keep post relocation problems and headaches away from your new home’s doorstep.

Group your clothes

Our packing clothes tips continue with another must-do step when getting ready to pack your clothes in moving boxes – to group your garments. The process of grouping your clothes according to their materials, sizes, purposes and seasons will help you greatly speed up both packing and unpacking:

  • Packing speed boost: Similar clothes tend to require similar handling and treating, so you will be able to place your pieces in moving boxes much more quickly.
  • Unpacking speed boost: You will know exactly which boxes contain which grouped clothes so that unpacking can be done as fast as possible. Moreover, pre-grouping will enable you to prioritize your unpacking projects by taking out only the types of clothes you will need first (for example, leaving unpacking your winter clothes for later during a summer move).

How to pack clothes for a move

What is the best way to pack clothes for moving? There are a few great tricks for packing clothes fast and efficiently (and even wrinkle-free!) when moving house.

  • Wardrobe boxes. The best way to pack clothes on hangers is to use the so called wardrobe boxes as they are conveniently tall and equipped with a hanging rack on the top – the perfect solution for packing clothes without wrinkles. These boxes just make the task of transferring all the clothes from your closet or wardrobe into the moving containers a piece of cake. The only catch is that quality wardrobe boxes can be quite expensive and take up plenty of space.
  • Suitcases and travel bags. Besides using the convenience and protection of wardrobe boxes, take advantage of another clothes receptacle that is meant for housing and safeguarding clothes on the road – suitcases and travel bags. Make sure you use them for your more expensive and delicate pieces of clothing. The downfall of this approach is that these perfect clothes carriers probably won’t be enough as there wouldn’t normally be more than a few suitcases in one household.
  • Vacuum bags. Vacuum seal bags can do a great job shrinking down considerably the size of your packed clothes. However, their practicality can be somewhat questioned due to their tendency to tear and rip off relatively easily during transport.
  • Garbage bags. In case you cannot afford to purchase brand new wardrobe boxes, garbage bags can be used as a super cheap alternative to pack clothes for shipping. Just poke a hole in the bottom of a clean garbage bag and pull it over a few hangers with the clothes intact and all. Tie the loose end of the bin bag at the bottom, secure them with packing tape and you have yourself nice clothes bundles to move to your new house.

How to pack clothes when you move? Take advantage of our tips for packing clothes above and enjoy a faster packing experience and a smoother move in general. However, if your strongly feel that you won’t have sufficient time to pack all your clothes before your moving date, your best option is to call in professional packers who have considerable clothes packing experience and have been trained to do an outstanding job packing clothes for a move.

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