What to do 4 weeks before Moving Day?

Begin packing

This is the right time to start packing for moving out of your current home. If you’re packing on your own, make sure you have enough packing supplies, such as moving boxes in good condition, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, filling materials, etc. Running out of packing materials in the middle of the packing process will only interrupt your work and waste some of your valuable time.

Moreover, you’re advised to begin the packing job from the rooms that you use the least (attics, basements, garages, guest rooms) so that you don’t clutter unnecessary your house.

Label your boxes properly

Each packed box should be clearly labeled with its content, destination room and any additional important information that will serve as a guide to you or your movers later on (FRAGILE, THIS SIDE UP). You can use colored markers or labels to assign conveniently different colors to different rooms.

Do not pack non-allowable items

Movers will not agree to transport specific household items that are dangerous (flammable, corrosive or explosive items), perishable (frozen, refrigerated or fresh foods) or valuable (important documents, cash, bank cards, jewelry, etc.), so don’t waste your time packing them for moving. But one essential question remains: what to do with all the items which movers won’t move for you? Basically, you have three options: to transport them yourself (by taking all the necessary precautions, of course), to use them up before moving day or to give them away to neighbors, friends or family members.

Pack an essentials box

This “open first” box (or boxes in most cases) should contain absolute essential items that you can’t go without even for a day. Basic meals? Check. Extra set of clothes for everyone? Check. Tools for minor repairs? Check. The essentials box will help you survive the time until you gain access to the rest of the packed boxes.

Plan your route well

If you’re driving to your new home and the trip will take more than 1 day, then you need to come up with good travel plans. Arrange for stays at hotels along the road and decide what you’ll be taking with you in the car (pets, plants, non-allowable items, essentials boxes, etc.). If you’re flying to your new destination, work out the flight details, including all the required documents.

Cancel all subscriptions

All your current subscriptions to newspapers, magazines or any home delivery services should be canceled and if possible, forwarded to your new address.

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