What to do 3 weeks before Moving Day?

Keep on packing

If you’ve already started packing your household items, then you should continue to do so until the entire packing job is done. But if you still haven’t begun the packing process, then it’s high time you started boxing your possessions. Get the already packed boxes out of your way by placing them in the rooms you use the least.

Take care of your utilities

Don’t forget to get in touch with the utility companies that provide you with electricity, water, gas, telephone, Internet and so on, inform them that you’re about to move to a new house or apartment and schedule a date when your services will be officially disconnected. Once the move is complete, consider contacting the utility providers in your new city so that your basic services get reconnected.

Learn how to register your car

If you’re moving to another state, it’s good to know how and where to register your car once you arrive to your destination. Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in your current state and request more information about the registration procedure. Alternatively, you can visit the DMV’s website and get the necessary info yourself.

Take your car to be serviced

Your vehicle should be properly checked and serviced at an authorized service station before you embark on the trip to your new home. Possible car problems on the road could prove too costly in the end, so you’d better ensure your car is in perfect technical condition before the physical move takes place.

Take your pet to a vet

You might temporarily forget about your pet due to the whirlwind of hectic moving preparations. However, this step is important so do include it in your moving calendar. Book an appointment with the family veterinarian and take your dog, cat or any other kind of pet you have for a complete medical checkup before the move. Share with your vet any concerns you may have about your loved one prior to the trip and discuss whether any type of antianxiety medication will be needed. Furthermore, request your pet’s medical records, including their vaccination card.

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