What to do 2 weeks before Moving Day?

Reconfirm the professional moving service

If you’ve hired the professional services of a reliable moving company, 2 weeks before moving day is about the perfect time to call your movers to check if things are going according to plan. Chances are that they are, but you never know until you make that reassuring phone call and hear the calming pieces of news once again.

Arrange for a babysitter or pet sitter

If you have small children and/or pets, it’s best to arrange for someone to take care of them on moving day when things tend to get a bit chaotic. A babysitter or a pet sitter will make sure your loved ones have their much needed routine and are kept safe and out of harm’s way.

Reserve elevator

If necessary, get in touch with the building management of both your current home and your future one and reserve the elevators for the moving out and moving in dates. This action will surely result in plenty of saved time and efforts, as well as in fewer angry neighbors.

Get parking permit

Finding a good parking spot in bigger cities could be quite a challenge. Therefore, if you’re moving on your own, it’s recommendable that you obtain a parking permit so that the rental truck stops as close to the entrance of your new residence as possible. If you’ve hired a professional moving company to handle your move, then the parking issue is usually taken care for you.

Pay remaining bills

You’re strongly advised to pay any remaining bills you may have before moving out of your house or apartment. Store the receipts in a safe place, preferably in a binder specifically created for keeping your moving documentation in complete order.

Pack attic, basement and garage

The attic, the basement and the garage are the three usual places that people often forget about when packing for a move. Their packing is not as easy as it may seem to some, and they often require much more time to be packed than planned either. So, don’t make the mistake of leaving these three areas for last, but get them completely ready at least 1 week before the big day.

Disassemble bulky furniture

No, it’s not too early to start thinking about disassembling your large pieces of furniture – beds, wardrobes, desks, bookcases and so on. If you don’t know how to do it safely, then either consult their construction manual or call a moving company for assistance.

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