What to do 3-2 days before Moving Day?

Finish up the essentials box

By now you should be ready with the essentials box you started packing 4 weeks before moving day. Make sure that all of the really important stuff is present – items that you’ll need to survive a day or two. Take a black marker pen and write “DO NOT MOVE” on each side of the survival kit so that movers don’t accidentally load it onto the moving truck. Just to be on the safe side, keep that box, or boxes for that matter, separate from all other packed moving containers.

Keep an eye on your valuables

Under no circumstances should you part with any of your valuable items during the different stages of your relocation. Remember that their safe transportation is your responsibility – do not even think about entrusting important or irreplaceable documents, as well as objects of great monetary or sentimental value to your movers. If, however, you are unable to transport your priceless items yourself for some reason, speak with your moving company about obtaining suitable insurance for them.

Clean refrigerator or freezer

Your refrigerator should be emptied and thoroughly cleaned before it gets packed and loaded onto the moving vehicle. Once you’ve taken care of your food supplies, schedule to defrost it at least 1 full day before moving day so that it has time to air dry properly. If you’re performing a DIY move, ensure that your refrigerator or freezer is securely wrapped, and be extra careful when transporting and loading them into the moving truck – the usage of a dolly is a must.

Finish packing

The most important day of your move is almost here, so ideally, you’ll be completely done packing your household belongings. It wouldn’t be a good idea to leave any packing work for moving day itself because a score of other activities of higher priority will require your full attention right there and then.

Finish any moving preparations

Are you ready with all of the relocation preparations? Hopefully, you are. However, if you have fallen behind your moving calendar and feel like you won’t make it on time, consider hiring extra help (reliable friends or professional movers) to complete the tasks faster.

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