How to move out of my parents’ house?

Whether your life at your family’s home has been a peaceful and happy harmony of mutual love and respect between you and your parents or a constant struggle with them because you failed to meet their expectations and they failed to encourage you in your own chosen path, there comes the moment to move out of your parents’ house and begin your independent life.

When to move out of your parents’ house?

When you find the courage to take responsibility for your own actions and feel like you have enough strength and experience to face any challenges that life might surprise you with, you should start thinking about leaving the family nest. However, before taking any decisive steps, find the right answer to the following question: Are you ready to move out of your parents’ house? The answer depends on many factors but two of them are of uttermost importance:

  • Do you have a secure job? If you are already employed and your position seems to be promising a successful career, you have nothing to be afraid of. Your financial future is as secure as it can be at the moment and you can venture bravely ahead. Naturally, if you don’t have a steady income yet, moving out is a much greater risk. Of course, you can always take your chances and pursue your happiness in another city where the job market is more favorable, especially if you have a university degree and good professional skills, and you are certain that it’s only a matter of time to find an occupation that suits your abilities and desires. However, weigh the situation carefully as you may experience severe financial problems at the beginning;
  • Are you involved in a serious relationship? If you have already found your better half and intend to start a family of your own, you should certainly find a new home for you and your significant other. However, even if you feel that the time to move in together with your partner has come, research your options carefully before taking the decisive step. On the other hand, you may feel that living with your parents will probably hurt your romance. This is also a good reason to move out and see how you will manage by yourself.

Whatever your situation and your ambitions, you need to have some financial security before leaving your home where everything has always been provided for you.

How to save money before moving out of parents’ house?

You need to save enough for the moving costs, your first month’s rent and deposit and the living expenses for the first month or two (including food, toiletries, medical care, utility bills and transportation). The exact amount of money varies greatly depending on the state you are moving to (the cost of living and the property prices differ significantly in different areas), so research carefully and choose wisely. However, you are advised to have saved the equivalent of about 3-to-6-months’ salary to provide for all the aspects of moving out and for any emergencies, unexpected expenses or hidden costs. What you should have in mind is:

  • Your income – a mature approach requires that you have some steady income before deciding to start living on your own;
  • Spending habits – evaluate your spending habits and see if you are able to reduce them. In case you are not willing to sacrifice any of your current “luxuries”, maybe you should wait a bit longer;
  • Savings – having some money put aside will grant you a successful start of your independent life and peace of mind;
  • Roommate – living with a roommate will cut many of the living costs in half, so this may be a good option for you.

How to prepare to move out of your parents’ house?

  • Estimate moving costs. First things first, set your budget and decide how to organize your relocation. Hiring a moving company is actually the wiser thing to do in terms of a speedy and trouble-free moving process. When calculating all the hidden costs of moving out on your own, it may be the more affordable option, too, especially when moving long distance;
  • Discuss matters with your family and ask for help. Share your ambitions, your fears and your dreams with your parents. They may come up with some really good advice and they will surely help you out as much as they can. No matter how far you are about to move, don’t sever your relationship with your family. They are the people you can always rely on and who will always care for you;
  • Find a place to live. Search for an affordable place, located in a safe and pleasant neighborhood near your workplace (if you have already secured one). Also, consider renting a furnished home and make sure it is in good condition – if possible, visit the place before signing the rental contract. Contact your future neighbors to ask for any warnings, assistance or relevant information and use the opportunity to show your friendly attitude and lay the foundations of future friendships;
  • Take whatever your parents are willing to give you. Any help is more than welcome, so take any household items (to save some much needed money) and any advice (to avoid some mistakes) that your parents can offer – you are sure to put everything to good use.

Moving out of your parents’ home is a serious endeavor you should not undertake without proper preparation and careful planning. Give it a good thought, part with your family on friendly terms and make the best of your life!

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