Is it time to move in together?

If you have found the person who completes you and inspires you in every aspect of life, the exhilarating idea to move in together and unify your lives may be making you feel anxious and excited and confused at the same time. Moving together is a big step – there are so many things to consider and fears to overcome before making the final decision to share your living space, your daily routine, your habits, expectations and dreams with another person.

So, is moving together a good idea?

Signs that you are ready to move in together

  • You enjoy each other’s company and spend any free moment together anyway;
  • You have the same expectations, wishes and hopes regarding your relationship and your future;
  • You celebrate your achievements with your significant other and anything good that happens in your life makes you happy only when you can share it with him/her;
  • You rely on your partner’s support and sympathy whenever something goes wrong;
  • You are searching your partner’s approval and advice for every important decision you need to make;
  • You can trust your partner in any situation and feel comfortable to share your secrets, fears and plans with him/her;
  • Your lifestyles are compatible;
  • You are capable of teamwork and it’s really efficient;
  • You have fought and worked it out;
  • You feel really comfortable around each other and no aspect of your daily routines and/or habits seems to be embarrassing or irritating to the other person;
  • You don’t mind sacrificing some of your independence;
  • You know how to give each other enough space and you respect your partner’s opinions, needs and beliefs.

Even if all the above signs clearly point out that your relationship is mature enough and the time to take it to the next level has come, you need to know what to expect when moving in together. Remember that the effects of moving in together can change your relationship if your expectations have been unrealistic.

What to consider before moving in together

There are several essential questions to discuss before moving in together that are of crucial importance for your mutual happiness.

Where to live

Depending on your financial situations, your set lifestyles and your personal preferences, you will have to choose a convenient and affordable house or apartment to buy or rent. If your budget is tight, the best and most affordable option will be one of you to move in with the other. This strategic move will surely save money, time and efforts, but it may take long before the person moving in can feel at home, not as a guest in a strange place, while the other partner might feel as if their personal space was invaded.

If you consider moving to another state, take into account the available job opportunities there, the property prices, and the proximity to family and friends.

How to organize your move

To have a stress-free move to your new place, you will need to start the preparations as soon as possible. If one of you will be moving in with the other, the process should be relatively easy and simple – your family and friends will surely help you take your personal possessions to your partner’s place. However, if you need to move many large and heavy household items, you may need professional relocation assistance. Hiring movers will save you a lot of time and nerves because their experienced approach will guarantee a speedy and smooth relocation.

In case you have chosen a new place to live in, dealing with all the laborious moving procedures will take up too much of your time and your energy. You are recommended to use the trustworthy services of a moving company to avoid the chaos and tension of a DIY move. Whether moving across town or moving out of state, hire reliable movers to relieve the stress of moving in together and to ensure the required time and peace of mind to establish a happy and successful life together.

What household possessions to take

Couples moving in together need to figure out which of their belongings to take to their new place and what to do with duplicate items. So, you are advised to go through your accumulated stuff together and sort it out carefully – work efficiently as a team to get the best results. Some sorting decisions will be easy (old problematic items vs. new convenient ones) while others will require compromises (items of sentimental value).

When you have come to an agreement as to which of your belongings will make their way to your new home, decide the fate of duplicate or unwanted items – you can give them away to charity or to friends or family members who may want and need them. Another good option is to sell them and make a little extra cash to cover some immediate expenses for renovating, furnishing, upgrading or decorating your new place.

Take the opportunity to create the design and décor of your new home together with your partner so that it feels cozy and comfortable for both of you.

How to manage your finances

One of the benefits of moving in together is that you will avoid paying double rents and bills. However, you need to decide how you will manage your finances – what your priorities will be, what savings you want to make, what items will be on your shopping lists, etc. So, in order to avoid fighting over money and clashing concepts of what’s important, assess your financial situation and make detailed plans about your shared budget.

All these steps to take before moving in together will help ensure a peaceful and happy life but remember that communicating with your partner about anything that bothers you is of primary importance for your harmonious relationship. Stick to the above tips on moving in together, listen to your heart and build your bright future hand in hand with your better half.

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