How to find cross country movers?

Moving across the country is a lot different than moving locally and short distance either within the limits of the same city or within the same state. A cross country move is a much tougher relocation job to pull off successfully due mainly to the great distance between Point A (your current home) and Point B (your new home).

And in order to have a smooth and trouble-free relocation to your new residence in another city across the country, you will need to find reliable and experienced cross country movers whom you can entrust with your valuable household goods for safe and quick transportation.

Where and how to find a reputable cross country moving company?

When searching for a moving company that will fit in your relocation budget and meet your specific requirements regarding your long distance move, it’s best if you initiate the hunt by doing a thorough research online.

  • Each moving company has a reputation and it takes a little digging to find out how good or how bad that reputation is. Make sure you read moving reviews, check their ratings and compare testimonials regarding the services of the cross country movers you have shortlisted.
  • Before setting your eyes on a particular professional moving company that you think will do a splendid job relocating your household safely and timely, don’t forget to check if it has been licensed to operate by the U.S. Department of Transportation. How? All you have to do is check their USDOT number and verify their proper license.
  • Also, it’s always a good idea to see if the movers are registered with the Better Business Bureau.

I have found trustworthy movers. Now what?

Having followed the steps above, you should have found a few moving companies that seem reliable enough for you to trust for your major move. The next task is to pick the best one of them all.

  • Contact the candidate winners and request in-home visual estimates and precise calculations of the future moving expenses;
  • Compare the received estimates. Pay special attention to what specific relocation services are included in the offer;
  • Stay away from moving estimates that promise a suspiciously low total price for your move;
  • Select the moving company that you think will provide the best moving services and then contact it again to book your cross country move.
  • Negotiate the final conditions with your chosen movers, explore your insurance options and be sure to ask for any current promotions, discounts or other ways to lower your final moving bill.

And, last but not least, stay positive that your forthcoming move across the country will be an outright success.

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2 thoughts on “How to find cross country movers?

  1. My house is very small I think it would be one box truck for all of our belongings and the catch 22 is we have two vehicles. The third vehicle will be driving across the United States. What would be the price of this?

  2. My house is very small I think it would be one box truck for all of our belongings and they catch 22 is we have two vehicles the Third vehicle will be driving across the United States what would be the price of this

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