What items do I need for my new home?

When moving to a new home, you may want to make it as similar to your old one as possible in the hope of preserving some resemblance to your old life and transferring all the happiness, comfort and peace you experienced in your old place to your new one. Or you may want to make it radically different from your former residence as a symbol of your fresh start in life, of the opportunity to start anew and leave all the negative aspects of your past behind.

Either way, you will want to make your new house or apartment feel like home – comfortable, safe, and cheerful, a perfect match for your personality and style. To achieve this you need to furnish your new place well – equip it with all the practical essentials and aesthetic elements that will ensure your convenient and enjoyable life after the relocation. So, whether you take your old household items with you or buy new ones for your new residence, make sure you have everything needed for a new house.

But what do you need for your new home? A bed and a table with some chairs, a fridge and a microwave, and… what else? Take a closer look at the following detailed list of items needed for a new home to make sure you won’t miss anything essential when moving into a new house or apartment.

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List of kitchen items for a new home

The kitchen is said to be the hub of family life, so you need to ensure that your new cooking haven is properly equipped and fully ready to welcome your loved ones for a housewarming meal as soon after the relocation as possible. Apart from the sink and the kitchen cabinets (which should be already installed when you move into your new home), the most essential kitchen must-haves include:

  • A dining table and a set of chairs (unless you have a separate dining room where to put these fundamental furniture pieces);
  • A cooking range;
  • A fridge;
  • A dishwasher;
  • A microwave;
  • A variety of small kitchen appliances, such as a coffee maker, a toaster, a blender, etc.
  • Cookware (pots and pans, skillets and roasters, etc.), dishware (plates, bowls, cups, etc.), glassware, and silverware;
  • Kitchen utensils – a cutting board, a set of knives, a whisk, a ladle, a wooden spoon, spatulas and tongs, measuring cups and spoons, can and bottle openers, a rolling pin, a kitchen scale, a grater, a pepper grinder, a garlic press, a mortar and pestle, ice bucket and ice tongs, an oven mitt, etc.;
  • Cleaning supplies – a broom and a dustpan, a bucket and a mop, sponges and washcloths, paper towels, dish towels, a dishwashing liquid, a grease remover, a trash can, etc.

You will find many other kitchen gadgets quite handy as well – a teakettle, a set of canisters, some coasters, and so on.

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List of items for a living room

To make your new living room welcoming and comfortable, you’re going to need:

  • Curtains;
  • An area rug;
  • A couch;
  • A coffee table;
  • A TV cabinet;
  • A bookshelf;
  • Floor lamps;
  • Wall décor.

Some indoor plants and tasteful decorations will also look very nice in your sitting room and will further enhance its charm and character.

List of bedroom items for a new home

You can’t do without a comfortable bed in your new bedroom, of course, but it alone won’t be enough to provide all the comfort and coziness you need in your sleep sanctuary. Here are some more practical and pleasurable must-haves you will want to add to the bedroom:

  • Curtains and area rugs;
  • Dresser/wardrobe;
  • Bedside tables or nightstands;
  • Night lamps;
  • A full-length mirror;
  • A linen closet stocked with all the necessary bedding items – bed covers, sheets, pillows, blankets, duvets, towels, etc.;
  • A trunk or a chest to keep various small items that will otherwise clutter the room.

You may also want to hang some beautiful paintings or family pictures on the walls and bring a few plants into the bedroom to brighten up the space and give it a more personal touch.

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List of bathroom items for a new home

Your new bathroom will certainly have a shower, a tub, and a sink, as well as a vanity and a medicine cabinet. Here is what else you need to supply:

  • Shower curtains;
  • Bath mats;
  • Towel racks;
  • A mirror;
  • A wastebasket;
  • Plastic wash basins and buckets;
  • Soap dishes, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, shower caddies, and other similar “auxiliary” bathroom items;
  • All the necessary toiletries – the specific hair, dental, bath and body products you and your family members use on a daily basis;
  • Medications and first-aid supplies.

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List of items for a laundry room

There may not be space in your laundry room for much else except the washer and the dryer, yet you will probably find most of the following items really indispensable:

  • Laundry baskets;
  • Drying racks;
  • An iron and ironing board;
  • A large bucket and a plastic crate;
  • A bowl to hold various small items found in the clothes’ pockets;
  • Laundry detergent, bleach, stain removers, and other fabric-care products;
  • Various accessories, such as a sweater comb, a lint roller, a hand-held steam press, a sewing kit, etc.

You may also want to have a stereo, a CD player, a small TV, or a radio in the laundry room to help kill the boredom when washing and ironing your clothes.

Cleaning essentials

You will need cleaning supplies from the very first day in your new home (you will certainly want to deep clean your new place before your items arrive and will also need to clean as you unpack because packing materials tend to create quite a mess). So, don’t forget to supply a vacuum, a mop, a broom and a dustpan, a feather duster, a toilet brush, an all-purpose cleaner, a glass cleaner, rubber gloves and all other materials that you typically use when cleaning your home.

The list of things you need for your new house includes many other more or less important articles as well: electrical and electronic devices (TVs, computers, hair-dryers, etc.), lighting fixtures, desks, file cabinets, trunks and chests, ottomans, hangers, hand tools, flashlights, fire extinguishers, a first-aid kit, and myriad other practical or aesthetically pleasing items.

Needless to say, if you have a guest room, a home office, or any other extra rooms in your new place, you’ll have to furnish them in an efficient and aesthetic manner as well.

The list of items for a new house can go on and on depending on your particular needs and preferences – the household items checklist above is only intended to serve as a reference to help you compile your own customized list of things you’re going to need for your new home to make your new life easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.

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