How to pack my kitchen for a move?

You’re getting ready to move to a new residence and the packing process is under way. And then suddenly, the time to pack your kitchen comes and you find yourself at a loss where to begin. Although usually small, kitchens are tough to sort out and prepare for transportation due to the huge number of items stored in countless drawers, cupboards and secret hiding places. Moreover, think of the oddly shaped kitchen utensils and the heavyweight kitchen appliances and you’ll understand why you need to allocate much more time to packing the kitchen than you have planned.

Get packing supplies

Your kitchen is sure to contain a lot of easily breakable items. You need to take good care of your breakables so that they reach their new kitchen safe and sound. Moreover, safe transportation is clearly unthinkable without high quality packing supplies. Good moving boxes are a must, as are packing paper (avoid newsprint because it can stain your kitchenware with ink), bubble wrap, a roll or two of packing tape and any useless towels or rags you can find around the house which will serve as great filling materials.

Get down to sorting

Sorting is part of the packing process that you just can’t go without. Why? Well, first of all it, it’ll refresh your memory by exposing how much stuff (some of it totally useless) you have accumulated through the years. And secondly, it’ll give you the chance to select only the items that you will really need for your new home. It’s the perfect opportunity to purge yourself of any unwanted or worthless items so that your new kitchen becomes tidier and more practical than the old one.

Go through each drawer, cupboard and cabinet, empty their contents and begin the sorting process on the kitchen table – one pile for things you’re moving with you, another for the things you’ll give away to friends, neighbors or charity organizations , and yet another pile for all the stuff that will soon be thrown away as garbage.

On your marks, get set, pack!

Your non-fragile kitchen belongings should go first in the moving boxes – just wrap each item in packing paper and place it gently on the bottom. Then, fill the boxes to the top with your easily breakable things, such as glassware and china, but not before wrapping them with at least 2 layers of bubble wrap. Old towers and socks can serve as filling materials so that no movement is present during the transportation. Don’t forget to label each moving container appropriately (“KITCHEN”, “THIS SIDE UP”, “FRAGILE”) and double tape the bottom of each box just in case.

Heavy kitchen appliances

Do not try to be a hero and lift your refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, cooking stove, microwave oven, etc. on your own. If you’ve hired professional movers, they will do that strenuous task for you. If you’re moving by yourself, be sure to ask friends for help and get the necessary equipment, such as a dolly.

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