How do I move my refrigerator?

If you have hired reputable professional movers to take care of your refrigerator for you – disconnect it, prepare it, pack it, move it out of your current home, load it on the moving truck, transport it safely to your new residence, unload it, take it inside your new home and re-connect it, then you have little to worry about. Their extensive experience in handling heavy kitchen appliances on a daily basis will, in most cases, guarantee the well-being of your fridge.

But what if you have decided to perform a self-move and it’s up to you to move your refrigerator? Well, you shouldn’t worry too much either because now you have free access to this concise step-by-step guide on moving a refrigerator by yourself.

Prepare your refrigerator for moving

First things first – before you can get to the stage of moving your fridge out of your home and loading it into a moving vehicle, you will need to get it ready for the actual transportation.

Step 1: Get hold of an appliance dolly (rent one from a local moving company), a few sheets of bubble wrap or packing paper, a couple of sturdy moving boxes, a few moving blankets (old blankets, towels or thick bed sheets will do just fine too), a long rope, packing tape and a set of quality cleaning supplies.

Step 2: Empty the contents of your fridge several days before your moving date. Use up or give away the food and drinks you’ve decided to leave behind. Alternatively, pack the perishables you’re taking with you in good quality moving boxes.

Step 3: Turn off your refrigerator, disconnect it from the power supply and let it defrost completely. The defrosting process can take up to 8 hours so it’s a good idea to do this during the night.

Step 4: Remove all removable fridge parts and clean them thoroughly. After they are completely dry, wrap them safely in packing paper (or bubble wrap for the more fragile ones) and pack them in a moving container.

Step 5: Now it’s time to clean the inside of your refrigerator with the help of the cleaning supplies you have at hand. When you’re done, leave the fridge door slightly open overnight to prevent bad smells or mildew from building up.

Move your refrigerator out of your home

When moving day arrives, it’s time to pack your refrigerator for moving, wheel it out of your house or apartment and then load your fridge into the rented moving truck. Alternatively, you can also move a refrigerator in a pickup truck – either your own one or one borrowed from a friend.

Step 1: Close your fridge door and secure it in place with the long piece of strong rope. Alternatively, you can use packing tape over the door to keep it from getting open during transportation. Either way, be careful not to damage the fragile surface of your kitchen appliance. Also, tape the power cord to the back of the fridge.

Step 2: Tape several moving blankets, old regular blankets or towels on the entire body of your fridge to avoid accidental damage. Refrigerators may look sturdy enough but in reality, they are rather fragile kitchen appliances and as such are easily susceptible to damage.

Step 3: It’s time to wheel your trusted fridge out to the moving truck. Needless to say, you must have at least one other person to help you out, preferably two. Tip the appliance slightly, get the moving dolly under it and secure your heavy fridge onto the dolly with rope or moving straps.

Step 4: Refrigerators should not be laid down on their sides, nor should they be tilted excessively (more than 45 degrees). Otherwise, the oil in their compressors may reach the cooling lines and consequently damage the cooling mechanisms.

Step 5: Be very cautious when moving your fridge through narrow doorways or steep downstairs. Do things slowly, plan each refrigerator moving step before executing it and take a timeout to think well the whole situation if you reach a dead end.

Load your refrigerator into the moving truck

Step 1: Your refrigerator, plus the rest of your kitchen appliances and furniture, must be loaded first. Having safely reached the moving vehicle, use the truck’s loading ramp to wheel up the fridge into the storage space. The fridge loading stage could be dangerous so use all wits and helping hands.

Step 2: Do your best to secure your kitchen appliance to the truck’s side walls with ropes or straps to minimize any undesired movements during the long haul.

Step 3: When you reach your new residence, use the above moving a refrigerator tips in reserve order to unload your fridge, transport it inside and re-connect it.

Step 4: Finally, once your refrigerator is placed on its rightful place in your new kitchen, wait for at least 3 hours before plugging it in and turning it on. It could be a few days before your cooling appliance reach its optimal operating performance.

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