Should I hire professional packers?

It is a fact that the notorious process of moving house is full of important tasks to tackle in order to get ready for, and survive, the most stressful day during a household relocation. And all of those move-related jobs must be, of course, neatly arranged in your calendar in a perfectly logical and chronological way.

And it’s another fact that packing up an entire home is probably the most important task in anyone’s moving calendar, not only yours. A time-consuming, stressful and seemingly impossible job to tackle at first, the packing project often gets put off until a later moment which almost always proves to be a serious moving mistake. After all, it’s definitely not good for household items to be thrown in boxes frantically and carelessly in the last possible moment.

Ultimately, it all comes down to making the right decision. If you lack the required time to protect all your earthly possessions for the risky road trip ahead, or if you lack the proverbial patience to pack all your stuff in a safe and systematic manner, then you should definitely consider hiring professional packing services.

And if you’re wondering, “Should I hire professional packers?”, then you’d better get familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of professional packing services simply because you need to reach the best possible decision about which way to go when it comes to your packing marathon ahead.

Why you should hire professional packers

One of the best things about using professional packers is that you have options.  You can choose not to take advantage of full packing services and still hire the pros to take care of some specific items you own, such as antique furniture pieces, a piano, super heavy appliances, and so on.

There are 4 major reasons why you should consider paying for professional packing services:

Professional packing supplies

Of course, safety is what matters the most during the process of packing up your home for moving – safety both for your valuable possessions and all participants in the house move. And besides the extensive experience your professional packers and movers will bring with them, the great news is that they will also bring quality packing materials of the required amount, sizes and type.

You will be relieved to know that the brand new moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, peanuts, markers and anything else that is needed won’t just run out in the middle of the packing project. Besides, you should appreciate the peace of mind that your earthly possessions will be well protected from the moment they are wrapped up and placed in boxes until the entire shipment is delivered in your new home.

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Exceptional efficiency

Not surprisingly, time is a crucial factor during the most time-consuming task before moving out of your home. Professional packers are famous for their enhanced efficiency – that is, they can reach a much higher packing speed without compromising safety in any way.

Should you happen to have a relatively large home with plenty of household items in it (especially many pieces of bulky furniture to disassemble and protect for the road) and you have a rather narrow time period to pack up all of your possessions, then hiring professional packers to get the job faster may be your only choice to call your relocation an overall success.


If you fail to follow your common sense when packing up your home, including some special packing techniques, procedures and rules, you might end up finding a sad looking shipment of shattered glass items, broken electronic equipment, and generally damaged possessions. A packing project can prove to be quite a challenge, especially if you own bulky, heavy, valuable or antique items for

On the other hand, using professional packers will guarantee that all your items will be properly packed regardless of their number, size, and features. This is true because nothing beats experience! Whenever you contact a trustworthy moving company and request professional packing services, the company will send you well-trained, sufficiently skilled and experienced packers to wrap up and box safely all fragile or delicate items you own (glassware, china plates, electronics, etc.), as well as to disassemble and protect the large and heavy furniture pieces in your home. Even your oddly-shaped and most valuable belongings (antiques, artwork, etc.) will be effectively taken care of.

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A great benefit of having professionals pack up your home is that they will accept the liability if any of your belongings got broken, damaged or lost while in their possession. In other words, professional packers from reputable moving companies are insured which also guarantees your peace of mind to a large extent. Keep in mind that having fewer responsibilities and significantly low levels of stress is always welcome on Moving day.

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Cons of hiring professional packers

Let’s take a quick look at the most obvious disadvantages of hiring professional packers.


Few things in life come for free, and the luxury of having professional packing and moving services at your disposal is certainly not one of them. It’s true that the full packing service cost varies greatly from one household move to another, and depending on a number of essential factors (number and nature of the items to be packed, overall packing time, overall complexity of the move, etc.), so using professional packers can cost you anywhere between several hundred to several thousand dollars. However, considering the clear advantages of professional packing services described above, the cost of professional packing can be perfectly justified.

To get a much better idea of how much professional packers charge, contact a few top rated moving companies and ask them for in-house cost estimation.

Less control

Professional packers should do a great job of wrapping up, disassembling and boxing your household items. After all, they have been trained to be the best at what they do. Still, it can also be true that sometimes their effective methods of packing up a home don’t really coincide with your preliminary packing ideas. For instance, you may want certain packing tasks to be approached and later finished in a totally different way. As a consequence, unless you are willing to stay too close to your hired packers and supervise them constantly (not a great idea for several good reasons), your control of the packing process will be considerably weakened.

But that decreased level of packing supervision can also work out great for you because, if you choose to trust your team of professional packers, you will suddenly have more time to do other equally important things, such as saying proper goodbyes with your family, friends and neighbors, for example.

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  1. My wife and I have recently moved and while we were in the process of packing, I never realized how much stuff we had. This article talks about professional packers will bring their own materials with them so you don’t have to worry about it. That is such a huge relief to me because sometimes when your packing, you run out of boxes quickly!

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