Should I get moving insurance?

The organization of a relocation process is quite a complicated task and the moving preparations are tedious and exhausting indeed, but what matters the most, of course, is the successful end. When you finally find yourself in the new surroundings, you will need all your personal possessions in perfect condition so that you can make your home comfortable and cozy and settle in quickly and without any problems. However, anything may happen during the move, from road accidents to accidental breakages, and your belongings can easily be lost or damaged. The least you can do to keep on the safe side during your move is to insure your household items.

If you are asking yourself “Do I need to buy insurance when moving?”, you are advised to get acquainted with the several types of insurance for moving home available and to resort to the one that best suits your needs.

Basic limited liability protection (Moving valuation)

When you sign a contract with a moving company, you automatically get basic limited liability coverage in compliance with the federal regulations. The moving valuation is included in the overall price you pay to your movers, so this basic coverage will cost you no additional money. However, keep in mind that it covers only $0.60 per lbs per item which is far below the actual value of your possessions, of course. Besides, it does not allow punitive damage claims. If you trust your movers and your good fortune, this minimum protection is all you need – otherwise, consider additional moving insurance.

Full value protection

This is the kind of full replacement value insurance you need if you prefer to hedge against the various risks involved in the moving procedures or when you move really expensive items, such as artwork or sensitive electronics. It is the recommended type of insurance when moving to another state because your chosen company will be liable for the replacement value of every damaged or missing item. The valuation depends on the weight of your items but you are free to set the amount for which you want to be protected as well as the deductibles.

If you wish to, you can insure your valuables based on their cost, not on their weight. If you choose this method, it must be explicitly stated in the Bill of Lading.

Remember that you have to pay for full value protection and also have in mind that many moving companies do not offer extra insurance when moving but only the required basic coverage. So, discuss your fears and desires with your chosen movers well in advance and if the minimum coverage doesn’t gratify your needs and the company cannot provide suitable additional moving insurance, turn to a third party.

Moving insurance companies

Your movers should be able to direct you to a reliable third party insurance company which will satisfy your requirements. The moving insurance rates may vary significantly from one company to another and depend on the type of items you want to insure, their declared value and even the “damage history” of your movers. Your moving insurance price will be higher if there are frequent damage claims against the moving company.

You can research the Web for insurance companies that provide favorable insurance costs but remember that the policy must be signed before the date of your relocation. However, you will probably be able to purchase extra moving insurance online.

Whatever method you choose, don’t forget to take pictures of your belongings before the move, so that you have evidence, should any conflict arise. Also, be sure to file claims against your insurance provider as soon as you realize that something has been damaged.

However, if an item of high sentimental value is damaged, no insurance can replace it. So, protect your valuables carefully and carry out your successful move without further stress or troubles.

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