What items to move myself?

Most of your household items are just objects designed to make your life easier and more comfortable. So, when the moment comes to move your home, all these belongings just go in boxes and into the moving truck. If you choose to hire experienced services for your relocation, you will save yourself a lot of time and headaches, especially if you research your options carefully and choose a trustworthy moving company. Reputable movers will deliver your items to their final destination intact and will carry out all the moving procedures in a speedy and skillful manner, so that you are unlikely to experience any troubles.

But if you think of it, there are some special things among your ordinary household stuff – essentials which you can’t do a day without or cherished possessions reminiscent of happy moments and beloved people. Some items are invested with so much sentimental value that the mere thought of parting with any of them is unbearable and even painful. Others are just too important and not having them at any given moment may cause great troubles. These are the things you should never entrust to movers, no matter how reputable and reliable they may be.


No one will steal or damage your documents on purpose but accidents do happen. Besides, you may need your passports, driver’s licenses, medical records, birth certificates, insurance policies, car registrations, etc., before the movers have arrived at your new place. Make sure that your documents are with you all the time and nothing important has been left behind or mistakenly loaded on the moving truck (remember to double-check your plane tickets if you are flying!).


Items of high sentimental value are irreplaceable, so take good care of your family heirlooms, pieces of art, favorite souvenirs and other things reminiscent of something or someone important in your life. If you can transport them yourself, do not hesitate a moment to do so! Even if some of the items are difficult to move, keeping them intact will pay off for the efforts.


Even if your silver necklace has no family history, you’d rather not lose it, right? Jewelry pieces are small and expensive – remember that such items have the habit of disappearing mysteriously, either by accident or on purpose. So do not tempt your movers and do not take unnecessary risks – jewelry is easy to move by yourself.


Sensitive electronics can easily be damaged and get stolen. Take your laptop, your digital camera, your smartphone or whatever expensive electronic gadgets you possess with you. Have in mind that even digital photo frames and stereo headphones have been reported missing, while DVDs and games top the list of stolen items during a move.

Collector items

Even additional insurance will not set your mind at piece if you risk losing a valuable collection or precious antiques. Even inexpensive items you enjoyed gathering, such as postcards or seashells, are probably dear to you for some reason, so if they are not too bulky, try to move them yourself. Find enough space in your car or in your hand luggage for this beautiful centuries-old mirror of yours or the box of foreign coins you have been collecting for twenty years.

Survival kit

Your open-first box is unlikely to be full of expensive things, yet it may prove to be invaluable when you have to spend a day or two without your convenient possessions. Make sure your medications, toiletries, change of clothes, comforting toys, necessary tools or whatever was important enough to be packed in your survival kit, travels with you.

Beyond price

Here is a short list of precious things you certainly don’t want to entrust to anyone, for their well-being matters more than anything else in the world:

  • Children – sometimes it may be tempting to put your kids in a box and shut the lid close for several hours, but still you’d probably want to move your little angels yourself;
  • Pets – your little animal friends are part of the family and you need to take proper care of them. There are specialized animal shipping companies but you’d better move your dear pets yourself and treat them with responsibility and love;
  • Plants – when treated properly, plants have a fair chance of surviving the relocation, so take adequate measures.

Whether something valuable might be stolen, or unwillingly damaged, or just lost during the relocation, remember that your negligence will be to blame, so make sure that you move all your precious things yourself.

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