How to pack a bedroom for moving?

If you’re moving soon to another home, then you’re probably thinking about how to best organize your move from start to finish in terms of packing and protecting your household items. Besides using great packing advice to get 100% ready for your Moving day, you should be well familiar with what room to pack first when moving and what room to leave for last, and that is exactly why you will need a packing calendar.

Be advised that before you even get down to preparing your home for moving, there shouldn’t be any doubts about the way your packing project will develop, so make sure that the moving timeline of yours provides as detailed and precise packing related information as possible.

In stark contrast to your storage areas that should be packed first /garage, basement, attic, or garden shed/, your bedroom is one of the rooms in your home which should be packed up last because of the fact that you occupy it on a daily basis.

Read on to learn how to pack your bedroom for a move.

How to pack a bedroom quickly

When getting ready to move out, time is always an essential factor that can affect your decision making process and make you do things incorrectly due to its lack thereof. Yes, insufficient time is a bad advisor, especially during a house move. So, to help you avoid bad decisions, here is some quick practical advice on how to pack your bedroom quickly.

Sort out your bedroom

Calculations show that the more bedroom items you choose to move to your new home, the more time you will spend on their packing and the more money you will pay for their actual transportation. Do you really think that you will need all of your possessions found in your bedroom? Inventory the sleepiest room in your home and get rid of anything you won’t need in the near future.

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Get packing materials

You can’t possible pack up a room without the proper packing materials, let alone do it fast enough. If you can afford the extra expenses, you can always purchase brand new packing supplies such as moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and packing tape from your local movers and worry no more. However, to stay on the cheaper side of your relocation, take advantage of the free packing materials you already have in your house or apartment but have not suspected of their convenient existence until now.

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Prepare cardboard boxes for usage

Knowing how to pack your bedroom fast when moving is great only when you know the best way to pack a bedroom safely. Inspect carefully each cardboard box for signs of damage (especially water damage) before using it and make sure it is clean, dry and strong enough for holding whatever it is that it will be holding. Tape the bottom and all sides of each container to avoid accidental breakage during transport. Lay a clean sheet of packing paper on the box bottom before placing anything inside.

Prepack bedroom items

You want to pack up your bedroom quickly? The answer is simple enough: prepack. If you’re moving in the summer, then you won’t need your winter clothes until after the move, so you can easily pack them up as early in your moving preparations as possible. The same is true for your summer clothes if you’re moving in the winter, so speed up the packing process by thinking several steps ahead. The same is true for bed sheets and covers you won’t be using until moving day – save loads of valuable time by packing them in advance.

Label packed boxes

Once your bedroom items are all packed up, don’t forget to label properly the full cardboard boxes. The labeling process won’t take more than a minute per box but it can save you up to hours of post relocation time. So, do it. Remember to write “FRAGILE” on all boxes containing delicate and breakable bedroom goods.

Our tips for packing a bedroom continue with brief advice on how to prepare the major groups of bedroom items for a quick and safe house move, or in other words – how to pack your bedroom for moving.

How to pack up your clothes

Although your clothes are not breakables and finding them severely wrinkled is usually the worst damage they will experience on the road, your garments will require some special cares and packing instructions to save you money, time, space, and nerves all at the same time. You have 2 principal clothes packing stages: Preparation and Packing. The preparation phase is all about sorting and grouping your garments, while the packing part is about what containers to use and how to protect your clothes when moving from one home to another.

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How to pack bedroom furniture

Packing bedroom furniture is not a task you can do entirely on your own. And unless you have a bunch of reliable friends who have promised to give you a helping hand when you need it the most, do the wise thing and hire experienced packers and movers to disassemble, pack, protect and move your bedroom furniture pieces. In addition to the huge furniture that comes to mind at once /wardrobe and bed/, bedrooms often contain other furniture pieces such as night stands and dressers, as well as highly fragile and delicate lamps, pictures, paintings, and mirrors. Follow the links below to learn how to pack bedroom furniture safely.

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How to pack your TV

If you have a TV set in your bedroom or any other piece of fragile electronic equipment, then it’s only natural that you be interested in knowing how to best prepare them for a safe relocation. It’s essential that you prepare adequately your equipment /original packaging provides the best protection/, pack it using plenty of padding and cushioning materials and handle it extremely carefully when carrying it or loading it inside the moving vehicle. Electronic equipment in general is rather fragile and to make things worse, moisture and vibrations often prove to be its mortal enemies.

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How to pack books

Our bedroom packing checklist concludes with some tips for packing your bedroom if you happen to store books in it. It’s interesting to know that the combined weight of books is often underestimated due to the almost airy feel of a single page. However, don’t make this rookie judgment mistake when preparing the books in your bedroom for the upcoming residential move, and keep personal injuries away from your doorstep by following the essential safety rules when packing up books for moving.

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