How to pack a mattress for moving?

If your favorite soft down-pillow is what wishes you sweet dreams before you doze off into Dreamland, it’s your loyal mattress that will make sure you have a good night’s rest, wake up refreshed in the morning and ready to take an entire herd of bulls by the horns.

And indeed, it’s the mattress alone that can either make or break a bed, and whenever a person says that their bed is as comfortable as it can be, they don’t actually mean the headboard or the bed frame, do they?

Follow these simple yet practical and proven tips to help you decide what to do with your mattress in the first place, to teach you how to pack a mattress for a move and to show you how to store a mattress in a storage unit.

What to do with a mattress when moving

High quality mattresses are not only valuable, but they are also very expensive. And this is exactly why you want to make sure your pricey investment is utterly protected when it’s time to move house once more.

The very first task ahead of you is to decide the fate of your favorite mattress. Basically, you have up to 5 options to choose from:

  1. Move your mattress to your new home. If the mattress is brand new, relatively new, or if it’s in very good condition, then there’s absolutely no reason why you should part with it when moving to your new residence.
  2. Place your mattress in storage. There are a number of reasons why you may decide to place your mattress in a storage unit for a specific period of time. Read below to learn the best way to pack your mattress for storage.
  3. Sell your mattress. Mattresses are special pieces of furniture and usually have a much higher sentimental value than, say, a chest of drawers. It would be an unusual decision if you chose to sell it, but if you must do it, then you must do it.
  4. Give your mattress away. A close friend or a family member may be in a dire need of a mattress in good condition, and besides, you will save money from its transportation.
  5. Throw your mattress away. If your favorite mattress has served you well for many years but is now in a really bad state, then the logical option is to just dispose of it properly and buy a new one when you reach your destination.

How to pack a mattress for moving

The best way to protect a mattress when moving is to make sure it is packed really well for safe transportation. Follow the steps below to pack your mattress for a move:

  • Step 1. Remove any sheets or comforters from your bed, take out the mattress and make sure it is 100% dry. Just to be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to place it in a spot with direct sunlight for a few hours.
  • Step 2. Purchase a mattress storage bag either from your local moving company or from a specialized furniture store. Such storage bags come in different types and sizes, so be sure to select one made of thick polyethylene that will fit your mattress perfectly. Once inside such a durable plastic protector, your mattress will be well protected against dirt, dust, moisture and pests.
  • Step 3. Inspect your mattress carefully one more time /be especially vigilant for any signs of infestations/ and place it gently into the storage bag. Then, tape the plastic protector’s ends shut with quality tape and make sure no parts of the mattress remain unprotected.
  • Step 4. Be careful when taking your mattress out of your home and especially while loading it into the moving truck. Mattresses are bulky and usually heavy, so you should take extra caution when navigating it through tight corridors, sharp corners, downstairs or up the loading ramp of the truck.
  • Step 5. Your mattress should be one of the first things to be loaded into the moving truck. Regardless of how exactly you position it inside the storage space /upright, sideways or flat/, make sure it is well secured against any movements during transit. Do not place any other items on top of it.

How to store a mattress in a storage unit

Follow the mattress packing steps above /Steps 1 through 4/ to get your mattress ready to be placed in a storage unit.

  • Step 5. It’s important to check in advance whether the self-storage unit you have rented is completely dry, has sufficient air circulation and has zero signs of infestations of any kind. Your best bet is to opt for a climate-controlled storage unit to provide the best protection for your mattress and the rest of your prized possessions.
  • Step 6. How you position your mattress in the storage space is fundamental for its well-being. You should never place your already protected mattress on its ends or sides as they are not sturdy enough to withstand the considerable weight and structural damage would soon become visible. Instead, always store your mattress flat. It’s best not to other items on your valuable mattress, but if you absolutely must do it, be sure those items are relatively lightweight and distributed evenly.
  • Step 7. No matter how well you have protected your mattress before placing it in storage and no matter how good the self-storage service is, mattresses are not meant to be kept in storage for years to come. Long-term storage tends to cause structural damage to the fabric and the stuffing of mattresses, so reconsider your mattress storage situation on a regular basis and do your best to put your prized mattress to good use before it’s too late.

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