How to rent a moving truck for cheap

There are many moving truck providers you can choose from when deciding to move your furniture by yourself. First you need to determine what kind of truck rental service you will require.

Most truck rental companies provide one way rentals or round trip rental services. Usually one-way truck rentals are more expensive and you cannot switch from round trip to one way rental once you get the truck.

The second very important factor that affects the rental cost is the size of the truck. If moving 1 or 2 rooms you may fit your stuff into a 12 feet truck. For larger 2 rooms or 3 rooms a 16 feet truck is usually recommended. For 4 or 5 rooms you may need a 22 feet truck and for up to 7 rooms you may want to rent a 26 footer. Of course you should always determine the truck size by yourself considering the pieces of furniture and the number of moving boxes you are going to transport.

When calculating the rental costs, keep in mind all additional taxes and surcharges that come with the rental itself. Usually there are taxes like price per mile and fuel surcharge. Also there could also be an requirement for an additional insurance for the moving truck that will cost you extra.

When returning the truck back to the rental company, make sure it is clean as you may get charged for cleaning the truck from the rental company. Also a good idea is to fill up the tank with fuel as the rental company usually charges additionally to fill it up for you (or they will charge you with a higher price per gallon for the remaining fuel).

You need to calculate the approximate miles that you are going to travel with the truck (including from the truck rental location and back) to get a better idea of the final price. Also make sure to check other moving alternatives (like hiring a mover or moving with a storage container) and see if the costs will differ significantly.

Here are the largest truck rental companies with most offices throughout the USA. Make sure to compare the truck rental costs of all of them to get a cheaper rate.

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