What to do on Moving day?

Wake up early

Moving day is here! This is the culmination point of so many days of feverish activities and increasing levels of stress and worries. And the best way to handle the big day is to wake up early and deal with any last-minute finishing jobs before the moving truck parks in front of your doorway. Try to keep your spirits up by thinking of all the good things that await you.

Inspect your apartment or house

Nothing should be left behind – double check each room in your residence (including the garage, attic and basement areas) and make sure everything is safely packed and ready for transportation. If you’re leaving any pieces of furniture, check thoroughly their drawers and cupboards for forgotten items.

Greet movers

Welcome the moving crew at the pre-set time, take them on a tour around the house while giving them any important instructions and then just leave them to do their job. Don’t forget to show consideration towards their needs – offer them sandwiches, snack food or even pizza, as well as non-alcoholic beverages to keep their energy levels elevated throughout the moving process.

Be careful what you sign

Moving generates plenty of paperwork – your Bill of lading, your valuation, written estimates, inventory lists, the moving company’s regulations, etc. Do not sign a document which you haven’t read in its entirety and fully understood because your signature means that you agree to whatever that particular document states. If you’re not sure what the meaning of a certain clause in a document is all about, do not hesitate to ask your movers for clarification.

Provide address and directions

Before the truck departs in direction of your new residence, don’t forget to confirm with the driver that he has your exact address and knows how to find your place without any problems. You can hand detailed written directions to the driver to avoid any mix-ups. Also, confirm once more that the moving company, and the truck driver in particular, have your phone number in case of emergencies.

Secure your old home

Just before you leave your residence for good, do one final tour around it to make sure all windows and doors are closed tight and locked safely, leave all the house or apartment keys on the kitchen counter for the new owners (if you’ve sold your place), turn the lights off and say goodbye to your old home.

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