Is it time to move in together?

If you have found the person who completes you and inspires you in every aspect of life, the exhilarating idea to move in together and unify your lives may be making you feel anxious and excited and confused at the same time. Moving together is a big step – there are so many things to

How much do cross country movers cost?

It’s an indisputable fact that a house move can end up being really tough on a home mover’s budget, and we all know that quality moving services do not come without a proportional price tag. The less time there is until moving day, the more burning the question of how much professional moving companies cost

What to consider when relocating for a job?

Receiving a new job offer ranks among the most exciting events in human life. The gratifying sense of being appreciated inspires and encourages people, motivates them to work with maximum efficiency and to further improve their skills. The much desired opportunity for career advancement, however, often comes from a promising position in another city. In

What do local movers cost?

A local move is believed to be easier to plan, organize and execute than long distance interstate relocation. And the reason for that lower difficulty level can be attributed to the shorter distance between Point A (your current home) and Point B (your new home) – a local move is one that stays within 100

How to cut down on moving costs?

Unlike snails and tortoises, people can’t just up and move their homes whenever and wherever they need to. There are so many issues to be dealt with, so laborious tasks to be completed, so difficult plans to be devised and so great expenses to be covered that no matter how hard you try, organizing an

Is self-storage a bad investment?

Placing your household items in a self-storage facility can be a brilliant solution in a number of tough transitional situations when you need more space to temporarily store your possessions. The convenience behind the idea of self-storage is indisputable: it’s like having a resizable extra room in your home where you are free to keep

What to locate first when I move to a new city?

Moving to a new city can be quite disorienting indeed – all the new people around you, the new residence that doesn’t feel like home yet and the different daily routine may be a bit scary or even shocking at the beginning. The unfamiliar surroundings also add to the feeling of alienation often experienced shortly

How to ship furniture across country cheap?

What’s better than having an invitingly warm and cozy bed when you feel exhausted after a long day of work? What’s better than sitting in your extra soft and comfortable chair to watch a good movie or catch your favorite sports team or player in action? And what’s better than stepping inside your spacious walk-in

How to move on a tight budget?

If you have plenty of quality ingredients, it’s easy to prepare a delicacy. To achieve a success when the available resources are insufficient, however, requires a masterful approach and first-class skills. When moving house without being strapped for cash, you may still experience much of the stress and chaos typically associated with the relocation process

Why create a floor plan before moving?

Creating a floor plan of your future home is like designing your dreams and charting your visions – you have the chance to transfer your imagination into a drawing and then into reality. Whether you have only a vague idea in your head as to what your new home should look like or you have

What if my movers break something?

The process of moving house is notorious for being a bit chaotic, and despite your desperate measures to run everything smoothly and keep it under control, unpleasant surprises tend to sneak in uninvited even after the moving day is over. When your household items are delivered to your new home, you may be unfortunate enough

Why are some things more difficult to move than others?

However focused and organized a person you may be, moving across county remains a tedious and difficult process for a number of reasons. Many of them are, of course, related to the time-consuming and nerve-racking plans and preparations required for a successful relocation but the tougher problems actually arise from the psychological aspect of the

How to say goodbye to my friends when moving?

However stressful and nerve-racking the process of moving house may be due to the great number of things you have to organize, the various issues to take care of and the difficult tasks to complete, there is one more really tough aspect of every move – saying goodbye to your old friends. You will stay

How to move a bed cross country?

Beds are one of the most difficult things to move across the country. Their size and weight make them a real challenge to carry them out of the house safely and then load them securely onto the moving vehicle. And, more often than not, they will have to be disassembled during the moving preparation and

How do I organize my move?

There is only one superpower that can help you turn the hectic and troublesome moving preparations into a logical and efficient process. It is neither your supernatural telekinetic abilities nor Superman that will save Moving day – only good organization can throw you a lifeline amidst all the stress and chaos. Here are some organizing

How do I pack books for moving?

Saying that books are important always sounds a bit like an understatement. The significance and impact of books on our lives simply cannot be measured by even the best state-of-the-art measuring devices. How could you possibly determine the value of something that has a different meaning to different people? A book can touch you deep

What to pack last when moving?

Without a doubt, packing is the most time-consuming and boring task when organizing your move. It takes hours and hours just to sort through your belongings and decide what to do with them. And then it takes nothing short of a Herculean effort to actually fit all the possessions you are going to bring to

How to reduce stress when moving house

You’ve probably heard many times that moving is one of the most stressful events in one’s life. And while that statement is true in itself, moving house – the imminent change in a person’s life that often comes sooner than expected and desired – doesn’t have to be characterized by anxious and nervous moments. There