Why writing a moving review is a great idea

The need to share things with our fellows is one of the things that makes us genuinely human, and the good news is that the technology-filled times we currently live in have made sharing as easy as clicking a mouse button or tapping a touchscreen. From innovative ideas and valuable knowledge to delicious recipes or even senseless rumors, global sharing has become an integral and common part of our daily routine.

If you have recently survived a local or long distance move to another home, then maybe you will be willing to share with the world what your relocation experience was like. From the comfort and safety of your new home, this is the perfect timing to narrate your moving story in an honest and objective manner and help millions of future home movers find a better reputable moving company.

How would you rate your experience with the professional movers you hired? Perfect? Trouble-free? Satisfactory? Problematic? Nightmarish? Will you recommend your particular moving company to your compatriots or will you advise them to stay away from it?

But before anything else, “Why should I write a moving review?”, you may ask.

Here are the main reasons why you should write a moving review after your relocation.

Give in order to receive

Do you believe in the old saying that what goes around comes around? It’s an unwritten rule in life that in order to receive something, you should give something first. In your case, being in possession of a piece of information that will be valuable and appreciated by anyone who’s facing a move to another part of the country soon, it’s your duty as a former home mover to do the right thing and take the time to share that particular information.

If you found a great moving company by reading online moving reviews and customer testimonials as general guidelines, then you know perfectly well how useful these ratings and narratives can be. Besides rating the overall positive or negative experience with a local or cross country mover (usually in the form of 1 to 5 stars), customers get to rate the movers’ professionalism, honesty, reliability, communication (customer service), attitude and other essential aspects of their professional work.

On the other hand, if were unfortunate enough to get in touch with a bad mover and later have business with them, then your bad luck incident should be even a stronger stimulus for you to raise a red flag and warn other people of the dangers of hiring your specific moving company. Who knows, maybe a few helpful reviews will help you as well should you ever need to look for reputable movers again.

Strength in numbers

Strength comes in numbers and that is especially true for moving reviews. Good moving companies realize the importance their online reputation plays for their business and do everything in their power to leave their customers satisfied. Therefore, the more positive reviews they receive for their outstanding relocation services, the more successful they will become.

And this is exactly what your personal moving story and ratings will contribute to – an incentive for great movers to offer even better and more affordable services to their clients, an attempt from mediocre moving professionals to improve the quality of their services in order to leave more customers happy, and arguably most importantly, a vital necessity for bad “rogue” movers to either reassess their business strategy or leave the relocation scene for good.

Dispute solving power

Believe it or not, the selfless decision to write a moving review will make you a multiple winner. One of the ways you can benefit by sharing your moving story is if you have an unresolved issue with your moving company. Your honest account of what your movers did wrong can prompt them to re-evaluate the entire situation and have them get back to you with an adequate offer to settle the issue like true gentlemen.

What are you waiting for?

Ready to make the world a better place by sharing your moving experience?

MyMovingReviews is one of the very best platforms to have your voice heard by posting a moving review about your former relocation partner or to browse through thousands of genuine moving reviews in search of the best moving company for your upcoming move.

But before you go there, here are 3 quick pointers on what to pay attention to when writing your moving review:

  1. Give as many details about your relocation experience as possible and be very specific as why you are happy or unhappy with your movers.
  2. Do you best to be as objective as possible and refrain yourself from getting too personal or switching into an offensive mode.
  3. Mind your spelling and grammar as careless mistakes can cause people to take your narrative less seriously.

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