Why create a floor plan before moving?

Creating a floor plan of your future home is like designing your dreams and charting your visions – you have the chance to transfer your imagination into a drawing and then into reality. Whether you have only a vague idea in your head as to what your new home should look like or you have already pictured your new surroundings down to the smallest details, seeing it for real on a piece of paper will allow you to make the best out of the available living space and to avoid many troubles and mistakes on move-in day.

So, why should you create a floor plan before you move?

To know what furniture you can take with you

If you know the precise dimensions of the rooms in your new home, you will know which of your old furniture will fit in. There are two aspects to take into account:

  • Will your old furniture fit through the doors? This factor is of primary importance – you need to know in advance whether some of your furniture pieces are too large or too strangely-shaped and just won’t fit through the doors or around the sharp corners or into the narrow corridors of your new home. If this is the case, there will be no point in spending money and losing time on their relocation, of course. On the other hand, if you really like a furniture piece of yours and want to take it with you, you will have the time to make the necessary arrangements – partially disassemble it, provide hoisting equipment to get it into your new home through the windows, whichever option is possible and appropriate in the specific situation;
  • Will your old furniture be suitable for the layout of your new home? It is possible that even if you manage to get a bulky piece of furniture inside, you may still end up not being able to find a suitable place for it. Your corner sofa, for example, might have looked perfect in your old property but there may not be an appropriate corner to place it in your new home. If there is not adequate space for a specific item in its designated room, or if it just doesn’t match the surroundings at all, you should not bother moving it, right?

If you have measured the location and the size of the doors and windows in your new home accurately and know the layout and the exact dimensions of the available space, it will be easy for you to decide which of your old furniture pieces are worth moving – be it for practical, aesthetic or sentimental reasons. You are advised to donate the items you will not be able to use anymore or, even better – to make some profit out of them by organizing a moving sale or selling them online.

To know what you will need to buy

Knowing which of your old personal possessions you will be able to rely on in your new surroundings will also give you a clear idea of what new items you will have to purchase soon after the relocation. Besides, having measured the space and assessed the layout of your future home, you will avoid the rookie mistake of buying a new piece that is too large or too unsuitable for your new home. A detailed floor plan will help you provide the desired comfort and style of your home in a quick and efficient manner, no regrets for moving inappropriate old furniture and no mistakes when buying new ones. What’s more, knowing in advance what additional furnishing will be needed will allow you to set your moving budget accordingly and provide for the required expenses, so that no unpleasant financial surprises lurk around the corner after the relocation.

To save time on moving day

Waiting until Moving day to decide where your items should go is not a very good idea. Precious time will be lost and various unexpected problems will arise if you don’t have a good plan and keep changing your mind when your movers are already at the door of your new home. Additional chaos and nerve-racking situations is not what you need on move-in day – a floor plan will help you avoid hasty decisions and thoughtless mistakes. You will be able to give your moving crew clear instructions and have your major items positioned directly where you want them to be. You can even give your movers a copy of your floor plan, so that they can easily arrange everything to your liking and without any undue delay and hassle.

To create the perfect home décor

When you create a floor plan, you have the liberty to move large and heavy items around as many times as needed until you come up with the perfect design. You will have enough time to take every small detail into account and to ensure the convenience and coziness of your future home. You will be able to imagine your place occupied and to identify the areas of heavy traffic, as well as the required open spaces. So, floor plans present you with the unique opportunity to simultaneously guarantee comfort and style – easy access to your furniture and enough free room, adequate flow of light and the charming decorations you find appropriate.

Don’t ignore the chance to design the home of your dreams – all you need is some measuring tools and graph paper, or an appropriate digital application to help you complete the task. You will soon find your inner interior designer and will have much fun while significantly facilitating your moving process.

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