How to move long distance on a budget?

The notoriously stressful process of moving house can seldom be viewed as a fun experience, especially when your time, money and nervous system are all put to the test. To make things even more complicated than they already are, there’s a high chance that you be faced with a long distance move, and as a rule, long distance relocation proves to be much tougher on a moving budget than moving just a short distance away.

Of course, how to move long distance cheap will be one of the fundamental move related puzzles that you would love to solve in your favor. And even though it might look like a mind-boggling puzzle at first, the good news is that you can still take advantage of some good and cheap long distance moving solutions to make your upcoming house move as affordable as you’d like it to be.

How to move long distance cheap?

This tough question is best answered through moving long distance tips and tricks that will cover the 3 major cost saving strategies when moving across the country.

Cost saving strategy #1: Find the best long distance movers

The very first thing you should do is to weigh in your long distance moving options and assess which ones will let you save even more money. The thing to remember here is that moving to a place that is far away is not suited for any brave, and often reckless, self-move attempts.

For one thing, self-moving costs when moving to a place far away will most likely equal or even surpass the price you pay for hiring one of the top long distance movers as a trusted partner. Furthermore, the often forgotten hidden DIY costs will make things even harder for you.

And secondly, if the increased risks of accidents along the long relocation journey don’t seem intimidating enough to you, then maybe the thought of having to select a rental truck of the right size, having to load the moving vehicle properly and having to drive that huge vehicle all the way to your final destination will do the trick.

Ultimately, a do-it-yourself move can be a great option when moving locally, but you should do the smart thing and use the services of a reputable and reliable long distance moving company in your case. If you still have creeping doubts about whether or not professional cross country moving services will be the cheaper option for your upcoming relocation, get free long distance moving quotes and see it for yourself.

Compare carefully the received estimates and pay close attention to the range of moving services offered before you select a few potential candidates. Then, before you reach you final decision, make sure you check out genuine long distance movers reviews to get a better idea of what to expect.

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Cost saving strategy #2: Plan a long distance move for the books

One thing is crystal clear: in order to survive a long distance move on a budget, you’re going to have to learn how to plan a long distance move perfectly.

Before you can explore your available options of reducing your long distance moving costs through clever packing techniques, your sole attention in the beginning of your preparations should be turned to the following 2 cost-saving ideas:

Long distance move scheduling options

A good way to save money on your long distance move is to choose the right time to move out – a beneficial time period that can easily give you the price reduction you’re after.

If at all possible, choose a date somewhere between the months of September and May when you will get a much better deal price-wise and have an excellent choice of experienced long distance movers. If you can, do avoid scheduling your cross country move on national holidays, on first and last few days of each month, as well as on weekends.

In short, if you have any flexibility in choosing your moving day, you can save big by simply avoiding the moving crowd.

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Long distance move checklist

Moving to another part of the country is seldom as cheap as you would like, but nothing can stop you from using to your advantage probably the best cost saving technique when moving to another state.

The idea here is simple enough: the major factors that affect the overall price of moving cross country are the distance between the two homes and the total weight of the shipment itself. And because the distance to your new home remains a constant value, it’s left to the weight of all the possessions you’re taking with you to make a sizable difference in the final relocation bill.

Reduce greatly the long distance move cost by moving only what is really worth moving. Inventory your home room by room and make a moving checklist of the things you’re moving with you.

This moving long distance checklist will not only serve you as an excellent packing list, but it will help you get rid of any household items you don’t like, want or use anymore.

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Cost saving strategy #3: Pack to move long distance like a pro

Finally, you are strongly recommended to make use of the following 2 practical packing tips to make your long distance move even cheaper.

Use inexpensive packing supplies

Packing supplies can become a substantial burden to your tight moving budget before you even know it. So, don’t be too quick to rush and purchase the required packing materials from an office supply store or directly from your local moving company.

Before anything else, you should take a good hard look around your own home and see how many decent supplies you already own but never realized it until that moment. You’d be surprised to find a great variety of moving containers you can use, as well as excellent wrapping and cushioning materials for your packing needs.

Follow the link below to save a fortune when packing for your long distance move.

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Avoid costly packing mistakes

Interestingly enough, a great way to save on your long distance move is to avoid costly mistakes, especially when packing up your home.

If you happen to be moving house for the first time, then there is no good way for you to know exactly how to avoid common packing errors. And that lack of experience alone can easily cause you to spend more money than is really necessary.

Only a mouse click away separates you from a very detailed list of common packing mistakes and the best ways to stay away from them. Get the best advice when moving long distance and you and your savings won’t be sorry that you did.

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