How to deal with moving house emotions?

You’re in the process of moving house and it feels as if you’re riding a steep emotional roller-coaster? No need to worry – that’s only natural, considering how overwhelming, challenging, depressing, exciting and scary moving can be all at the same time. In fact, the emotional impact of moving house is so great, that moving is ranked among the most stressful, life-changing and exhilarating events one can ever experience.

So, if you’re asked to describe your relocation with the help of emoticons, what will it look like? Will you be using sad and angry faces or an array of smileys? What moving house emotions sweep over you when making such a decisive step in your life?

And indeed, how does it feel to move house?


It’s an old cliché – moving is stressful. How can it not be stressful when you need to make so many consequential decisions, complete so many important moving tasks, face so many challenges, take care of so many details, spend so much money, and accept so many radical changes – all of it within the limited period of time until moving day. It’s only natural to feel confused and upset in such a kaleidoscope of major stress factors! You may even feel pangs of regret for making the decision to move in the first place, for not having fully appreciated your old life and/or your old home.

Such downbeat thoughts will only increase once you start dealing with the laborious, time-consuming and nerve-racking moving tasks ahead of you – endless paperwork, endless packing, endless expenses… It will probably feel as if you won’t have the time, money, and energy to cope with it all.

Do not give in to panic though – when there is a will, there is a way! All you need to do in order to organize a smooth and trouble-free relocation is to make a good moving calendar, set up an efficient moving budget, and find a trustworthy moving company to help you in all stages of the arduous moving process.


Anxiety is the logical response to change and uncertainty – the main characteristics of a house move. The mere idea that you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone and brave the unfamiliar is intimidating enough to make you feel anxious and uneasy about the forthcoming relocation. Add all the risks and hardships typically involved in the moving process and your anxiety level will surely skyrocket to unimaginable heights.

To overcome your fear of the unknown and ensure the successful start of your new life, you need to adopt a flexible and positive approach throughout the entire relocation process:

  • research your new area to know what to expect when you get there and to be able to prepare for your new life as well as possible;
  • find a good job in your new city, a reliable new doctor, a reputable school for your children, etc. – every “certainty” you achieve will give you a sense of security and will put your mind at ease;
  • find a new home you’re going to love;
  • join local forums and social media groups to get a better idea of the community life in your new area and make new acquaintances;
  • be tolerant, open-minded, and proactive – you will soon make new friends and will find your rightful place in your new society

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Needless to say, having everything (moving preparations, moving day, moving services) go according to plan will also greatly reduce your anxiety and stress.


Once you start packing your possessions and planning your future life, your apprehension will be slowly but surely replaced by a surge of excitement. You will come to realize the possibilities before you – all the great opportunities your new city has to offer, all the new people you’re going to meet, the different career options in your new area, the chance to create the home of your dreams, the chance to change anything you didn’t like in your life before the move…

You have the unique chance to start afresh, to open a new page in your life and avoid the mistakes you’ve made in the past. Your relocation will broaden your horizons and will take you to a whole new world of endless possibilities. It’s up to you to grab the chance, explore your prospects, and create a better life for yourself.


It is sadness that will overcome all other emotions as moving day draws nearer – all because it’s incredibly sad to part with people you care about and leave your favorite places behind. You may feel as if you’re losing a part of you and get lonely, disheartened and nostalgic when you imagine your new life away from everything and everyone you hold dear. You will be able to stay in touch with the people who matter to you and visit your old city from time to time, of course, but it will never be the same.

What’s more, you’ll be probably very sad to say goodbye to your old home too – especially if you are moving out of a place where you’ve lived for quite a long time. All the happy moments, tragic losses, significant events, romantic, heartbreaking, or life-changing experiences that you’ve had in your old home cannot be packed and moved to your new residence. You need to remember though that you’re packing and taking with you all the items and objects that have made this particular house your “sweet home” – along with all the associated memories. (Do not be tempted to bring along all your possessions though – sort out your belongings and take only those of them that have really high practical, aesthetic, or sentimental value. Your memories will stay with you even if you leave a certain keepsake behind.)

So, allow yourself the time to grieve your old home and say your special goodbyes and then allow the hope for a better future chase the sadness away – there will be so many wonderful new memories to make in your new home, after all.


Moving can be sad and scary and difficult and overwhelming but in the end, when you find yourself in your new home surrounded by your cherished possessions and exhausted beyond measure, it will be simply… relieving. You will have successfully overcome a great challenge without any major mishaps or serious troubles along the way. The moving chaos will be over, the stress and hassle will be gone, and you will be able to relax and feel at ease in your new home. More importantly – you’ll be able to do things your way and create the life you want. Chances are, you’ll be happy and hopeful and quite ready for a fresh start, don’t you think?


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