How does moving day work?

It’s possible that you start your busy preparation period to move out without really knowing what to expect on moving day. And that particular lack of understand how moving day works is often the major reason for the palpable build-up of stress as that important move-out date approaches with each passing day.

To make things worse, the fear of being under-prepared during the most significant 24 hour period of your residential move can also add to the overall anxiety you’re likely to experience. So, the pressure of not really knowing what will take place on your Big day, combined with the increasing fear that you may not be completely ready to face the challenges of your move day, can really put you at a disadvantage and could even ruin your chances of success.

Unless, of course, you know exactly what happens on moving day, and you are well familiar with what you should do on moving day as well.

Are you ready to learn how your moving day works so that you can get ready for the day of your relocation that says it all?

How to prepare for moving day

If you wish to be 100% ready by the time that fateful day comes around, then there are only two fairly straightforward things you will need to do:

1) create a personal moving checklist, and

2) follow that detailed move-related to-do list.

It’s easy, isn’t it? Not necessarily. There isn’t one, two, or three things you can actually do to get ready for your fast approaching move date. Rather, it’s all about completing your pre-move jobs in a highly logical and systematic way.

  • The very first thing you should do is to write on a piece of paper, or on a text editor on your computer, all the tasks you to have to take care of without initially thinking about how to go about organizing them in any sensible way.
  • Task customization is your next goal. The thing is that you need to be as specific as possible in defining and scheduling your pre-move jobs. For example, packing home is too general so you should break it down into feasible tasks, such as pack kitchen, pack clothes, pack books, etc.
  • Next should come the so-called task prioritization. After all, not all tasks have the same priority and significance in relation to the success of your house move, so you need to complete the high priority ones with the urgency they deserve.

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Essentials for moving day you can’t do without

What are the things that you will likely need the most on moving day? You should already know the utter importance of packing an essentials box where you should keep the life-savers – the essentials without which you won’t possibly survive the Big day and the time frame until your belongings get delivered at your new home.

So, while preparing for moving day, make sure you set aside the items that are considered absolute essentials to have on moving day itself.

  • Spare moving boxes. Although you should have completed packing up your home at least 1 full day before your scheduled move-out date, it’s recommendable that you keep an extra stash of packing supplies, mostly cardboard boxes. The additional number of moving containers will come in handy in case you’ve missed to wrap up something in the chaos of it all, or in case an already packed box happens to break or tear up unexpectedly.
  • Must-have gadgets. Of course, you’re going to need to stay in touch with your movers in case something does come up, so your (smart)phone should stay with you at all times. You may also need to access the Internet for additional info, so your laptop or tablet should be easily accessible too. Also, you will find that your digital camera will prove to be indispensable in various situations.
  • Basic tools. Don’t forget to set aside a set of hand tools (screwdrivers, a hammer, a set of pliers), a measuring tape, a pocket knife, a flashlight, and a pair of scissors to make moving day easier. In reality, you never know when a piece of furniture will need to be measured again or disassembled even more, right?

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What to do on moving day?

It’s moving day!

After so many days of feverish preparation, this is the day that will test out how well you have completed the scores of pre-move tasks in your personal calendar. Considering the significance of that single day in the face of your relocation, you shouldn’t be surprised that one entire page /named Moving Day Checklist/ of that personalized and prioritized to-do list should be dedicated to all the things you should do on moving day:

  • Do not oversleep. Even if the arrival of your professional movers is scheduled for later in the day, you should start your moving day early to make sure you have time to double-check things before the moving experts come knocking on your door.
  • Double-check your home. Have you safely packed each and every household item you intend to take with you? Have you checked, again, each room and looked into each furniture piece that you’re leaving behind? Guarantee your peace of mind by walking and inspecting your house or apartment one last time.
  • Safety, safety, safety! This is self-explanatory, isn’t it? The most anticipated day of a residential move is also the most dangerous one as far as property damage and personal injuries are concerned. So, it’s your priority to ensure the safety of everyone involved: keep small children and pets away from the moving day chaos, wear appropriate moving day clothes, and use adequate techniques to keep the home free of property damage.
  • Keep valuables with you. Some items you should never hand over to your professional moving day laborers. Such valuables include but are not limited to important documents /How to organize your documents?/, cash, bank cards, medicine, valuable jewelry, expensive electronics, and anything that must remain by your side and under constant supervision.

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How to make moving day easier

Now that you understand how moving day works, you will surely realize that it is not your moving day but you who will have to do all the hard work.

Let’s finish our moving day tips with a solid piece of advice on how to make moving day easier for you and everyone involved. In theory, it’s nothing too complicated: you just have to avoid any serious moving day mistakes and things will be quite alright.

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