How to overcome relocation depression?

It is only natural that when all the tension and responsibilities related to your relocation finally come to an end, you feel strangely confused and even depressed. All the hectic moving preparations and tedious tasks might have been stressful indeed, but they kept you busy and didn’t allow pessimistic thoughts to cross your mind. However, once you find yourself in completely new surroundings, exhausted and downhearted, there is little to cheer you up and help you find a fresh sense of purpose. The situation is all the more downbeat if you relocated alone – gloomy attitude is hard to maintain when young kids are playing and laughing around, or when you can feel the warm care of your beloved partner.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. What matters is to recognize the dangers and to make a point of finding appropriate methods to overcome relocation depression.

Take it easy

Don’t try to be a hero – take your time and relax after the stressful moving process. Have a good rest and enjoy some of your favorite activities (be it a computer game, a good movie or listening to nice music in the hot bath) to recover your strength and to get into a positive mood.

Make your new place feel like home

Arrange the interior entirely to your liking, hang your favorite pictures on the walls, place your best books on the shelves, find your fluffiest blanket and use your preferred dining sets, clothes and bedding – just surround yourself with items reminiscent of happy times and beloved people. Cherished memories are sure to restore your inner harmony. Adequate light and house plants will also help create a cozy and charming living space and you will be able to get your daily routine back to normal quicker.

Explore the vicinity

Once you have secured the comfort of your new home, it is time to get some fresh air. Take a walk around your new neighborhood, locate local businesses and important places, hang out in the park or go shopping in the nearest mall. You may find the surroundings unexpectedly pleasant and the people – surprisingly welcoming. This will prove useful for your own convenience (learning the location of medical centers, post offices, police stations, etc.) and will give you the chance to meet your new neighbors in person.

Befriend your neighbors

Strike a casual conversation with people on the streets, go shake hands with your neighbors or invite folks next door over to a housewarming party – whatever will help break the ice and lay the foundations of friendly relationships. Show some kindness and you will certainly be rewarded with cordial attitude and valuable assistance in your new neighborhood.

Stay in touch with the people who matter in your life

Make new friends but don’t give up on the old ones. Nowadays it is so easy to contact old pals and share impressions and emotions, be it via the social networks or on the phone. Distance doesn’t mean you should sever meaningful relationships – your friends and/or relatives who stayed behind can still be a part of your life. And nobody can provide more encouragement and support than a trusty person who cares for you.

Search for common interests

Join sports clubs, or reading clubs, or arts classes, or dance classes – whatever activity you find attractive. Avail of the new opportunities or practise your favorite hobbies, visit various local events or even volunteer for a cause you support. You will meet people who share your interests and points of view and soon enough you will fit in your new surroundings perfectly.

Set clear goals

Keep your mind occupied and use the chance to improve your skills – either by learning something new or by gaining further experience in your professional area. If you are focused, you will be able to advance in your career and to accomplish certain goals you always dreamed of. You will gain self-confidence and your new lifestyle will prove to be very beneficial.

You can get a pet because when you care for another living being, you will have a purpose and you will enjoy its warm attachment to you. You can design a lovely garden or you can start a diary – everyone finds comfort in different things. What matters the most is to never feel lonely even if you are alone at the moment and to put your mind at peace.

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3 thoughts on “How to overcome relocation depression?

  1. Moving without a spouse is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. I feel overwhelmed and lonely even while at work. Seeing a counselor but wishing I never made the move. How does one make a better situation under those conditions?

    • Hi Vicki
      Feeling exactly the same. I don’t expect you will get this but if you do how are you now.

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