What to know when moving from Chicago to Los Angeles?

No two residential moves are alike – not only in terms of move distance and number of household items for moving, but also in their respective levels of overall complexity due to the presence of special circumstances. In other words, moving across town with a pickup truck borrowed from a friend is much more different than moving thousands of miles across the country by hiring a professional long distance moving company.

If you happen to be moving to Los Angeles from Chicago, then there are a few important things you must be aware of to make your cross country move easier and cheaper at the same time. To find affordable cross country movers is a task with a Top Priority label attached to it, but you should also keep in mind the following essential moving tips when moving from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA – or in other words, moving from # 3 to # 2 when it comes to the most populous cities in the country.

How to move from Chicago to Los Angeles?

Are you ready for the challenges of that transitional period you find yourself in?

  • Consider your relocation options carefully and above all – seriously, because a 2000-mile westbound multiple-states-crossing relocation trip is never a joke. A long distance move of that magnitude and complexity will be best handled by top rated Chicago to Los Angeles movers.

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  • The risks, dangers, and costs of renting a one way moving truck, and then driving that rented vehicle on your own all the way to the City of Angels can be too great to be even worth considering.
  • If you choose to trust a good moving company from Chicago to Los Angeles, as you should, think about the cheapest and easiest way for you, your family members – including any pets you might have, of course – to cover that distance. Driving or flying?
  • Should you choose to drive to Los Angeles, prepare for the long car trip long in advance. Have your family car serviced, pack up and load your valuables, don’t forget your Open First boxes and welcome your dear pet or pets into the transportation vehicle.
  • Should you choose to fly from Chicago to Los Angeles, besides the flight details you are expected to take care of, you should arrange for the transportation of your car by a reputable shipper.

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Top 5 tips: How to find the best Chicago to Los Angeles movers

Your next job is to find top professional moving services to have your furniture, electric appliances and all other household items moved quickly and safely to the most populous city in California.

  • Do you know anybody who’s recently moved to the east coast? If you do, contact them in order to find out which long distance moving company they used and whether they were happy with their services? Personal recommendations can go a long way.
  • Are you familiar with the power of moving reviews? Consult genuine customer reviews of moving companies to get a better idea of whose services you can actually trust. Truth is that reputable Chicago to Los Angeles movers understand the significance of good online reputation.
  • All interstate movers must be licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) in order to transport household goods within the country. Click here to check the legal status of the long distance moving companies in Chicago you are considering at the moment.
  • Contact the cross country movers you have singled out and ask them to visit your home for risk assessment and price estimation. Remember that in-house inspections are the only way to receive an accurate price for your move from Chicago to Los Angeles. Alternatively, you can use this quick moving cost estimator.
  • You need to stay protected from possible moving fraud at all time! If you do your homework right, you should be able to stay 100% safe. Still, it’s important that you know how to recognize potential fraudulent movers’ practices from the very beginning.

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Top cost saving tips when moving to Los Angeles from Chicago

Naturally, you will want to find the cheapest way to move from Chicago to Los Angeles in an attempt to save as much money as you possibly can.

  • How much does it cost to move from Chicago to Los Angeles? This is the very first question whose answer you need to know. Variable factors such as the number and nature of your stuff, the moving services you need and the affordability of the mover you pick will determine the final moving price. Yes, consulting average moving costs can be fairly useful but the only way to learn the cost of moving from Chicago to Los Angeles is request on-site moving costs estimation from top rated movers. Remember to ask for binding estimates in writing.

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  • Choosing an affordable mover is a great way to save big but you can do much more than just that. Be smart enough to move only the things you really need and that household items you will really need in the future. You won’t need all the warm winter clothes where you’re going, right? Remember the cost saving equation when moving long distance: fewer items = less weight = less transportation costs.

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  • Having professionals pack up your entire home is the best way to do it but it can be rather expensive too. To save loads of money from your long distance move, do consider packing what you can by yourself and procuring free packing supplies (for example, you can get free cardboard boxes in good condition from friends or local businesses).

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  • Sometimes the cost to move from Chicago to Los Angeles can be too high for you no matter how many cost saving techniques you use. So, when you can’t afford to cover the quotes you’ve received from the cross country movers and when you don’t have much money saved to even execute a low-cost budget move, it’s time to resort to some desperate measures that actually work.

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