How much do cross country movers cost?

It’s an indisputable fact that a house move can end up being really tough on a home mover’s budget, and we all know that quality moving services do not come without a proportional price tag. The less time there is until moving day, the more burning the question of how much professional moving companies cost will be. Recently, we covered the topic of how much local movers cost where we gave plenty of approximate values and example scenarios so that you can get a better idea of the price of a local move.

But what if you’re moving across the country and you’re definitely using the reliable relocation services of a long distance moving company? Then, you’d surely like to know the right answer of the question, “How much do movers cost cross country?”, wouldn’t you?

Of course you would. Read on to find out how much cross country movers cost.

How much do moving companies charge to move cross country?

It’s important to know how the long distance moving price is calculated so that you can use different cost-saving techniques to bring down the overall relocation cost. The cost of cross country moves is affected by two major factors – the distance between your current home and new one, and the total weight of your shipment.

The longer the distance to your new residence is, the more expensive your interstate relocation will generally be. And simply because the distance of the moving route remains a constant factor and there’s nothing you can really do to change this parameter, you should focus your entire attention to the other decisive factor when moving cross country – the total weight of your household items. In other words, the fewer belongings you have for transportation, the less money you will pay in the end.

In other words, let’s use an example to illustrate how the approximated price of a long distance move is calculated. Roughly speaking, a cross country moving company will charge you approximately $0.70 to transport 1 lbs. of household goods to a home that is 1000 miles away. Therefore, if you’re moving out of a 2-bedroom house whose items for shipping weigh approximately 5000-6000 lbs. and your new home is conveniently located exactly 1000 miles from your current residence, then you should expect to pay around $3500-$4000 for the transportation alone without any additional relocation services. Of course, these prices serve only as an approximated value and the actual cost of your cross country move will depend on numerous other factors.

How to have my moving cost calculated?

As you can see from the example above, having a rough idea of how much cross country movers charge can be a good start, but it’s rarely enough as you need an accurate moving cost calculation in order to set your moving budget the right way. There are a number of relocation factors that will ultimately influence the final price and only an experienced moving expert will be able to foresee them all and prepare a precise moving quote based not only on the specifics of the move itself but on your specific relocation needs and requirements as well.

Use our moving cost calculator to get in touch with a trustworthy moving company that supports your route and have your relocation cost calculated. When contacted by a moving expert, request an in-home survey of your belongings from the reputable cross country mover. Such an on-site inspection is the perfect chance for you to voice over any concerns you may have regarding your fast approaching move and to discuss with the company representative possible ways to lower the relocation costs. After the inspection, you will be given a written moving estimate (always ask for a binding one!) what will include all the additional services, required or requested, and their respective rates.

Don’t be hasty in your decision to go with the first relocation partner – request at least two more (ideally 5) written cost estimates from different reputable cross country movers, compare the offers carefully and only then should you reach the informed decision to use the services of the professional long distance mover that best suits your budget and requirements.

Good luck!

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