What essential things do I need for a successful move?

Bringing your moving adventure to a successful end is not rocket science, but it surely isn’t a walk in the park either. The outright success of a house move depends on a number of fundamental factors which you should keep a watchful eye on and attempt to control to the best of your abilities. These important factors are closely interconnected into logical progression to form a complete process /the moving process!/, and you should keep in mind that failure to do even one of the essential things you need for a successful move could endanger the favorable outcome of your entire relocation operation.

Take a closer look at the top 4 essential things you need to move house successfully.

1. Enough time

One thing should be crystal clear when you’re getting ready to move to another home – time is never enough to take care of all the things that you want to do. Moving day starts galloping towards you the minute you learn of your impending relocation and since you probably haven’t mastered the ability to slow down time (yet!), the only sensible thing you can do to fit into the given time frame is to make every second count.

Regardless of the amount of time you have left until the Big day, the only way you can take control of your pre-move minutes, hours and days is to create a detailed and highly customized moving calendar and stick to it no matter what. This moving calendar (aka Moving timeline) will enable you keep track of what’s happening and even more importantly, when it is happening.

Take a notepad, a notebook or use your preferred text editor on your computer and populate it with all the tasks that you must complete before it’s time to say goodbye to your current residence. Once you’ve filled your calendar with pressing moving jobs, your next step is to prioritize the tasks so that you can guarantee yourself a podium place even if Time crosses the finishing line before you.

2. Good strategy

Your customized moving calendar will definitely help you create more time to take care of your pre-move preparation. However, to increase the efficiency of that extra time, you also need to devise and employ a solid relocation strategy.

So, another one of the things you need when you move out is a working strategy. Here are a few good strategic moves which you should take advantage of before Moving day arrives:

  • Inventory your home. The very first step of your pre-move strategy is to go through every room of your home and list all the items found in each one. This inventory process will probably take a large chunk of your time but you can rest assured that its practicality and efficiency will pay off handsomely in the end.
  • Sort out your items. Decision time comes next as you must decide the fate of your inventoried items. In addition to figuring out which items you will be taking with you to your new residence, you’re also expected to determine what you will do with all the personal possessions and household items that you will be leaving behind. Remember that the fewer items you move to your new home, the less time you will spend on their packing and the less money you will pay for their actual transportation. In reality, you have 4 basic choices to make concerning the items that you no longer want and need – sell them online or organize a garage sale, give them away to friends, donate them to charity or throw them away.

3. Proper packing supplies

Once you have been left only with the possessions that you think are worth the time, money and effort to be transported to your new residence, it’s time to start thinking about their safe packing. Another one of the essential things you need to move house in a successful manner is quality packing supplies, especially if you have reached the decision to pack on your own.

  • Cardboard boxes. Not only can you not do without moving boxes, but you will also need a great number of suitable moving containers in good overall condition. It’s important to have boxes of various sizes so that you can observe one of the most important safety rules when packing for a move – heavy items go into smaller boxes and lighter items go into bigger boxes. Ideally, you will be able to afford brand new corrugated cardboard boxes from your local moving company. On the other hand, if you’re moving on a tight budget as most home movers do, then it’s worth visiting the large businesses around you and asking them for free boxes. Alternatively, you can ask around your friends if any of them has available moving boxes you can borrow.
  • Bubble wrap and packing tape. Bubble wrap is fundamental not only for keeping your fragile and breakable items safe during transport, but also for immobilizing the packed boxes by filling up any empty spaces inside the containers. You are free to substitute bubble wrap with old but clean bed sheets, blankets or just about all types of clothing you can find in your home. There’s no way you can substitute packing tape so make sure you purchase quality tape rolls from your nearby office supply store or local movers.

4. Reliable movers

Of all the important things you need for a successful move, finding the right moving company for you is, without a doubt, the most essential thing you need when you move out. Your wise choice of a professional moving company will ultimately determine how smoothly (understand successfully) your relocation will go. Make sure you choose a professional relocation partner that:

  • Has mostly positive reviews and ratings from past customers;
  • Will agree to send a knowledgeable representative to your home for a detailed survey of the items you have for transportation;
  • Will furnish you with a binding moving estimate in writing where all the moving services and their rates will be listed clearly;
  • Will provide you with all the required paperwork in a timely manner;
  • Will work with you in order to find effective ways to bring down the overall moving price;
  • Will contribute to a smooth problem-free move by fulfilling all of its contractual obligations in a highly professional manner.

All of the above-mentioned important things you need to move house are inseparable components of the whole relocation picture.

And yet, your initial step to finding a reliable professional moving company is to get an accurate estimate of your moving costs.

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  1. You sure got my attention when you suggested listing every item in every room of the house prior to the move so that the person will be sure that they do not miss anything. Aside from this, I think I need to label the boxes so that I do not forget which is which and make a huge mess. I will keep all of this in mind since I will be moving to Washington next month, and I want to make it as hassle-free as possible. Thank you.

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