Why do people move house?

Sooner or later it will happen to you too – you’ll be getting ready to move to another home. Before you know it, you’ll be hunting for (free) cardboard boxes and reading moving reviews in the hope of securing a moving company that is both genuinely affordable and offers genuinely outstanding moving services at the same time.

Hopefully, you’ll know perfectly well why you are moving away, but have you wondered about the main reasons why people move to a new house? Interestingly, it’s very likely that you’ll be moving away for one of those reasons too.

Moving house is a true phenomenon – statistically, the average American moves every five to seven years so anyone who has lived in the same home their entire life may find it hard to understand what it is exactly that causes the majority of householders to just pack their bags and relocate.

Take a look at the top 10 reasons to move to a new house:

1. I want to move for a better job

Job related relocation is seen as the number one reasons for people to move to another city, another state and even another country. Few people would pass up a golden opportunity for career advancement accompanied by higher salaries and better work conditions. Sometimes people have to keep their current jobs by moving to another location as their company is also moving in an attempt to cut overhead costs.

Of course, if you’re currently unemployed, then (almost) nothing can stop you from looking for a new job in another part of the country – a job that will match your expertise and reward your efforts.

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2. I want to move to be closer to work

Another good reason why people move house is to live closer to their workplaces. Living far away from work has great disadvantages – from the increased cost of commuting, through the stress of hours on the road and fighting through possible road rage, and finally the lost time. One hour lost in commuting one way suddenly turns into 44 hours of lost time each month – these are 2 entire days and nights completely lost, never to return.

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3. I want to move to be with my loved one

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the top reasons people move house is to be with the person they love. Sharing your life with another human being is probably the greatest gift one can have on this planet, so who’s going to let mere distance ruin their happiness?

A recent wedding means one of the parties will move in with the other one or both newly-weds will move into a new home altogether. A job offer accepted by one partner is supposed to trigger a house move if the workplace is located in another city, state or country.

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4. I want to move into a more fitting home

Why do people really move house? One good reason for a change is that the place they call their home is no longer serving their needs right. Starter homes often prove to be too small for young couples when they decide to have children. And when the lack of sufficient living space becomes a serious issue, then families often look for good ways to upsize their homes.

Interestingly, too much space can also become problematic with time. When the children have moved away following the paths of their own lives, sometimes parents are left with too little energy to maintain so much room, and the maintenance costs become too much of a burden. The solution? Downsizing one’s home is usually a good option.

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5. I want to move to a cheaper town or city

If you happen to be struggling financially despite your efforts at work, maybe it’s time to try an entirely different tactic and consider moving to a cheaper place to live and work. The cost of living in your current town or city may not be suited for your disposable income so a bold decision to move to a cheaper area may prove to be a great decision to keep financial frustration away from your doorstep.

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6. I want to move to a better school district

When a child reaches school age, it’s only normal that his or her parents want the best possible education for them. Therefore, if the current town or city cannot offer the level of education they desire for their son or daughter, the family may reach the unanimous decision to move to another city with a better school district. After all, school years play a major role in shaping up a person’s life.

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7. I want to move to a better neighborhood

Reasons to move to a new city may also include changes for the worse in your area. Things change with time and the nice and safe neighborhood you lived in at first may have turned into a fairly unsafe, noisy and dirty area. The local crime rate may have risen drastically over the years. On top of that, you may truly hate your neighbors for a number of founded or unfounded reasons.

So, when the living conditions in your immediate surroundings become intolerable, isn’t it time to start packing your boxes?

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8. I want to move to run away from bad memories

Regrettably, life is not all beer and skittles. Personal tragedies and relationship turmoil do happen from time to time so when bad memories become too much for you to bear, then it’s time to put as much distance from that home as possible. It’s not just running away, it’s more like switching into a survival mode and fighting to keep your sanity.

Moving away to a new place will hopefully give you the fresh start you need.

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9. I want to move to enjoy a better climate

It’s not very surprising that one of the main reasons people to move to another city is the unfavorable climatic conditions of a specific area. If you’re sick and tired of the long winder months and the mere thought of having to rely on your trusty snow shovel again gives you the chills, then there’s a possible solution to break free from the cold spell and move to a place with a warmer climate.

On the other hand, the desert climate of your city may prove to be too much for you and the longing to breathe the fresh air of the mountains to prove stronger and stronger with time.

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10. I want to move to enjoy my Golden Years

Believe it or not, retirement is one of the best reasons to move into a new home – a much smaller home that won’t require too much maintenance. Yes, retired people often choose to downsize their homes, but there’s something else too – after so many years of hard work, the majority of retirees feel that it’s time to move to beautiful and peaceful place and just have the long-awaited long-term vacation of their lives.

Regardless of the reasons for your decision for a change, it’s time to start about getting ready to move to a new house. And every successful move starts with accurate moving price estimation.

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