Should I hire a babysitter on Moving day?

So, Moving day is knocking on your door and you need to get everything ready before the movers arrive:

  • finish packing;
  • store your important documents, most valuable possessions, open-first box and everything else the movers are not supposed to load onto the moving truck in a separate room only you and your family members have access to;
  • take adequate measures to prevent property damage;
  • remove any obstacles from the rooms and corridors of your home and the paths from your residence to the moving truck;
  • plan for unfavorable weather conditions and other possible difficulties;
  • ensure the safety of your kids and pets.

And while most of these tasks are quite straightforward, the question of how to keep your children and your animal friends safe and happy on Moving day is really tricky. You will have too much work to do and too many urgent matters to deal with to be able to pay enough attention to your kids and pets on the day of the move. The only way to ensure their well-being, reduce the moving stress, and provide for a smooth and trouble-free relocation is to find a trusted person – a relative, friend, or babysitter – to look after your young ones when the movers arrive.

Here are a few of the reasons why you should hire a sitter on Moving day:

#1 It’s good for the kids

Having someone to take care of your kids on the day of the move will help reduce the moving stress and keep your young ones safe during the chaotic relocation procedures:

  • Your children will be able to follow their normal daily routine – they will be able to eat, sleep, play and do all the things they usually do during the day at the same time as always. An unchanged daily routine will make your kids feel safe, confident, and relaxed despite the unusual activities that take place in your home;
  • Your children will be spared unnecessary stress and worry – young kids may not understand what’s happening and feel very upset or even frightened when they see strangers going in and out of your home and taking your possessions away. Your chosen caregiver will either take the little ones away (at their place, to the playground, on a walk in the park, etc.) or will keep them in a safe and quite room where they won’t be disturbed;
  • Your children will be happy and amused – a good babysitter will engage your kids in fun activities that keep them occupied and will lift their spirits. You can schedule something special that your little ones will love (a visit at the local zoo, a couple of hours in their favorite play center, etc.) or just let the sitter use their own entertainment techniques;
  • Your children will have the opportunity to interact with someone outside their family and learn to appreciate differences and enjoy the company of other people. This experience will prove to very useful after the move, as it will help your kids adjust to their new environment easier and more quickly;

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  • Your children will be safe and sound – little ones may easily get hurt or unintentionally cause an incident if they are let to run free around the house when the movers arrive. A babysitter will watch over your young kids and keep them out of trouble. You will not have to worry about the well-being of your little angels and will be able to focus on your tasks and make sure things go according to plan.

#2 It’s good for the move

Young kids require constant care and attention. They create endless distractions (they’re always asking questions or wanting to play, or hungry, or bored, or upset about something, etc.) and absorb energy like a sponge. On Moving day, however, you’re going to need all your focus and energy to deal with the numerous challenges of the moving process and ensure the successful outcome of your relocation endeavor. You need a trusted sitter to take care of your beloved children, so that you can:

  • concentrate on the urgent matters at hand and get things done faster and better – the less distractions you have, the quicker you will complete your tasks;
  • focus on what you are doing and achieve maximum efficiency – you will be able to pack your items with utmost care, take proper precautions to prevent accidents, injuries and property damage, make the best possible decisions under the given circumstances and organize the entire moving process in a smooth and stress-free manner;
  • closely supervise the movers and make sure everything goes according to plan – you will have the chance to provide your movers with all the information they need, give them useful advice and warnings about possible difficulties, make sure they handle your possessions with care and encourage them to do a good job (be friendly and helpful, provide snacks and drinks, tip them if they deserve it, etc.);
  • be flexible and react quickly to unexpected changes – should any changes occur on Moving day, it will be easier to make quick decisions and accommodate to the new situation when you don’t have to worry about your kids.

All in all, having a babysitter to look after your kids on Moving day will account for a smoother and less stressful moving process. The same applies to hiring a pet sitter.

Why you should hire someone to take care of your pets on Moving day?

1) The sitter will keep your animal friends out of the way and ensure their safety and well-being on the day of the move;

2) The sitter will tend to your pets’ needs and make sure they follow their usual daily routine. This will lessen the stress and anxieties your furry friends may feel during the chaotic relocation process;

3) The sitter will take your pets out for a walk, will play with them, will provide treats and entertainment, etc. – your animal companions will be happy and occupied all the day long;

4) You will ensure your peace of mind and will be able to give your full attention to the arduous moving process – you won’t have to worry about your animal friends or spare some of your precious time catering to their needs.

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Good to remember: If possible, you are recommended to hire a babysitter and/or a pet sitter after the move as well:

  • settling in and dealing with all kinds of important post-relocation tasks will take every bit of your time and energy and you won’t be able to pay your little ones enough attention;
  • your chosen caregiver will be a local person who will know the best places in the vicinity to go for a walk, play, buy specialized kids’/pets’ items, etc.;
  • the sitter will help your children and your animal friends adjust to their new environment quickly and effortlessly.


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