What to do 2-3 days after Moving day?

Continue unpacking Now that your local move or state to state relocation is over, you’re probably in the middle of unpacking your stuff and arranging your new home entirely to your taste. Undoubtedly, the boxes that you opened first must have been the “open first” boxes filled with absolute essentials for surviving the very first

Top 5 cities to move to in the U.S.

You are looking for affordable housing The National Association of Realtors researches the housing market in the USA and publishes their surveys on a regular basis. According to the latest data (October, 2014), housing affordability is down from a year ago as the median price for a single-family home has increased – $220,600, up 5.2

What to do on Moving day?

Wake up early Moving day is here! This is the culmination point of so many days of feverish activities and increasing levels of stress and worries. And the best way to handle the big day is to wake up early and deal with any last-minute finishing jobs before the moving truck parks in front of

What to do 2 weeks before Moving Day?

Reconfirm the professional moving service If you’ve hired the professional services of a reliable moving company, 2 weeks before moving day is about the perfect time to call your movers to check if things are going according to plan. Chances are that they are, but you never know until you make that reassuring phone call

What to do 4 weeks before Moving Day?

Begin packing This is the right time to start packing for moving out of your current home. If you’re packing on your own, make sure you have enough packing supplies, such as moving boxes in good condition, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, filling materials, etc. Running out of packing materials in the middle of

Why should you request the mover’s tariff?

The mover’s tariff contains rates, rules and regulations. Movers are by law required to furnish a tariff, which must contain an accurate description of company’s services, the specific applicable charges and service terms for the services that the mover offer. You should acquaint yourself with those rules in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises on moving

How to Make a Moving Checklist

You can use your mobile phone, or use a printed checklist, make it as you like the most. Just ensure that you won’t miss arranging any moving related job, such as notifying utilities, government offices, personal service providers, or any magazines that you are currently subscribed for. Include any task that you need to finish

How to move pets?

Moving your pets requires careful planning and organized execution. All in all, it is not an easy task because of two major reasons: movers won’t relocate your pets so the responsibility of transporting them safely to their new home rests with you, and unlike a local move where you can take your loved ones with

What items not to pack for moving?

Yes, there are specific household items that you should not pack because your movers will not transport them due to a number of safety reasons. Each moving company has such a non-allowable list that you are advised to request before you begin packing your possessions, but generally speaking, all of those prohibited items fall into

How to rent a moving truck for cheap

There are many moving truck providers you can choose from when deciding to move your furniture by yourself. First you need to determine what kind of truck rental service you will require. Most truck rental companies provide one way rentals or round trip rental services. Usually one-way truck rentals are more expensive and you cannot