7 Renovation Projects to Consider after your Move to a New Home

You have just arrived at your new residency, but it doesn’t actually feel like your home. You’re already tired and you just want to clean, unpack, arrange furniture and relax.

However, you may use the opportunity of having all your items being packed to consider some easy renovation projects, so you can make the place cozier and even personalize it as you would like it tobe. Here are just a few remodeling tasks you can consider. You can do them by yourself and your budget won’t suffer.

Personalize the entrance

Creating a personalized deck is easy and you may do it for just a weekend. Besides fixing cracks and painting your door, you may consider placing flowers or some outdoor furniture. Make the most of your home’s appearance. Create a welcoming curb appeal.

Update your Kitchen

Cleaning is the first task to deal with, kitchen needs to be spotless. However, why not consider some refreshing. You can paint the walls in a bright color to make the room look more spacious if it is small. Also, changing counter tops or remake cabinets are easy updates. Install more lighting if needed, LED lighting is a cost-effective option, keep that in mind.

Get stylish with the living room

Your budget may not allow you to go for something big like pulling down walls to create an open space or inserting a fireplace, but still you can make your living room cozier. Changing current windows with energy-efficient alternatives will pay off. Refurbish flooring to give it a new, more stylish look. Also, if living room is not spacious enough, instead of placing a bookcase, consider inserting shelves on the wall.

Create a bedroom for sweet dreams

Instead of putting TV, stereo or any other electronic gadget, why not make your bedroom a tranquil place where you can really relax after a busy and noisy day. The keyword here is artwork, indulge a little bit. Consider carpeting to bring more warmth. Instead of paint, go for some beautiful wallpaper. And, instead of shutters, buy ritzy curtains.

A blast of color for your bathroom

If bathroom doesn’t need some serious remodeling, then you can spruce up. Consider concealing bathroom tile with wainscoting for an updated look. If bathroom is not big, insert in-shower shelves as a practical solution. And, to set the mood, you can install indirect lighting and a towel warmer. Giving a blast of color and accessorizing your bathroom will definitely make a difference.

Get creative with storage

Organizing your garage may not seem you essential and surely it may not be a project you are eagerly anticipating, but it will help you keep everything at hand. Use wall hangers and shelves to optimize the space. Keep your garage clean and tidied and do not use it to just stack clutter.

Make yard a nice place

You may not be a landscaping expert, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn yard into a nice place to spend your leisure time. Perhaps, to enjoy a lush green space at your backyard and keep maintain efforts and time to minimum, you can use synthetic turf. Also, building a fireplace can be costly, but you can buy a fire pit, so you can still enjoy chilly nights outside.

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