How to stay focused when packing for a move?

The ability to maintain your focus during the busy moving preparations can sometimes be the difference between a successful relocation experience and a failure to be even close to ready when moving day knocks on your door. But don’t fret too much about it– there are a few little tricks you can use to stay focused while preparing to leave your current home.

Create a moving calendar

The main obstacle that you’re about to come across is, of course, insufficient time to complete all the necessary relocation tasks before the moment of truth. Luckily for you, there’s one proven method to ensure that you have enough time for everything, and that is to create a complete to-do list and do your best to stick to it. Depending on the time you have until your moving date, that moving calendar includes relevant and pressing tasks which will have to be finished within a given time frame so that you can emerge victorious from your battle with your opponent – time.

As a result, each finished task listed in the calendar will let you shift your focus on the next job and thus keep the stress away by making you feel like you’re making progress. Be sure to customize your to-do list according to your specific relocation needs, but if you’re unsure where to start, you can get some good ideas from these example moving timelines:

Mini goals are the way to go

A good way to keep your concentration elevated during the packing process is to set mini goals and then reward yourself when a particular goal is reached. Because packing is a very time-consuming job, you will probably get discouraged long before you finish preparing your household items for transportation. And that is exactly where an incentive will do its magic – for example, you can set a mini goal to pack half of your kitchen and then reward yourself with a break of 1 hour to check your mail or Facebook profile, or even watch your favorite TV show. If you happen to find yourself “in the zone”, you’re advised to postpone the break for later so that you can do more work while you’re still in the right mood.

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